June 9th, 2007


Finally back~

Finally got my computer back today, new harddrive and CPU fan whee~  I'm not even going to attempt to read up all the entries I missed while I was out for the past week, the number of entries probably number in the thousands >_____<  Anyway, mom's in China now, just called her yesterday and she's doing good, the lease for our apartment next year is signed although my roommate, Angela pissed me off again on that issue, bloody hell, she's such a freaking spoiled brat and a whiner on top of that, I need to find a good paying job to make some money and start living on my own, this roommate thing is getting tiring.  Well anyway, gonna go finish setting up my computer and re-installing all my programs (I never realize how many programs I use regularly until I need to re-install them all; photoshop, winzip, winrar, hjsplit, msn, bitorrent, etc. etc., woot).