May 31st, 2007


Power in Numbers

Just my luck that during the lj fiasco the last two days my keyboard decided to fizz out on me and my computer decided to turn psycho, although that might be a good thing seeing as it saved me from being tempted to write rant after rant (instead I hogged my roomie's computer).  Actually the keyboard's my fault, accidentally spilled water on it ^^;;  So I'll have to go to Best Buy tomorrow to get a new one (stealing borrowing my roomie's right now...again).  I'm really impressed we managed to squeeze an apology out of lj and even getting them to backtrack and unsuspend the innocent journals and communities.

Anyway, another week finished, next three days I get to relax and hopefully catch up on some anime that I haven't been able to since the last two days I've been glued to lj, isn't it nice when people get together to cooperate?  Too bad it only happens when there's a crisis.

[EDIT]:  Going to post a list of links in commemoration of this event:

Internet News sites:
The Underwire
Wired Blogs
Firefox News

Fandom sites in response to this:

The initial demand for explanation from members (read the comments, the actual post has nothing to do with this):
Pg 1
Pg 2

Official statements from the CEO of Six Apart (company behind livejournal) on the News community and fandom responses in the comments:
The apology
And the final solution

Icons and Banners:
Icons and banners by roaring (at bottom of post)
Icons by fuckyeah (and various banners by others)
Icons by stardust_rain 
Icons by fireflypenance 
Icons by elena_takami 
Icons by minviendha 
Icon by alandrea 
Icons by _stolendreams_ 
Icons by eleri 
Icons by brimac13 
Icons by megalolz 
Icons by monami