May 29th, 2007


FaLun Gong/ 法輪功

I was going to stay away from writing on this topic since it's really controversial and plus I don't know a lot about it, but today, I was watching a Chinese New Year's Global Gala DVD that I borrowed from a friend and in it the hosts brought this issue up that set my eyes on fire.  The hosts, in the middle of the show, actually managed to bring up FaLun Gong/ 法輪功, speaking of them as a tolerant organization, only hoping to bring facts to the poor, misguided souls in the PR of China.  First of all, to me, when I'm watching a gala meant to entertain, I don't want to hear the mention of controversial issues, and definitely not one so biased, if I was looking for a debate I'd spend the day in the House of Commons.  That gala actually performed here in Ottawa during the last Chinese New Year and I actually wanted to go, but I was too lazy to look up how to get money, plus it was bloody cold back then so I wanted to leave the house as little as possible so I ended up not going.  Thank goodness, I would've stomped out of the theatre after the remarks they made.

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To everyone who's panicking about the sudden lj suspensions on accounts and communities, the latest info I have is:

A group of people calling themselves "Warriors for Innocence" decided to target lj communities that list pedophilia or similar interests on their profiles page regardless of what context the interest is used in.  They reported these communities to the lj abuse team and due to legal binds the lj abuse team was forced to shut down those communities.

Here's a lj abuse team response to one inquiry about a suspended community:

This person wrote an email to these "Warriors for Innocence":

And got a reply:

This person's got a handy list of links regarding this wave of drama at the end of this post:

A pre-written letter you can send to either lj or simply comment like a petition against this censorship:

Two communities keeping track of what's happening:

My recommendation is that just to be on the safe side remove anything in your interest on your profile page that's questionable and f-lock or private lock any entries containing any questionable content until this blows over.  Also remove any questionable userpics.

You might consider removing the following terms and userpics which contain:
(feel free to suggest more, better safe than sorry in this case)

[EDIT1]:  I have purged my interest list and simply replaced it with "freedom of speech" and "solidarity_against_internet_witch_hunts" as was suggested by sdragon on this post.  One this serves to safe guard my journal hopefully and two as an act of retaliation if those morons do come a knocking.