May 25th, 2007


Random updates

Goodness this 27 degrees (Celsius) temperature is a killer, how the heck are we going to survive once July and August rolls around with its high 30's temperature?? ;___;  I need a built-in AC attached to my ass or something...well at least the AC for the apartment is in my room (the living room lol), it's the one perk I've got having to have dealt with all the noise from my roommates when they're in the kitchen and whatnot all year round (not really their fault, but it just happens).

On another note, I got an email from Takumi~!!  (Remember that boy I met in one of my classes last semester whom I couldn't decipher if he was a boy or girl?).  He's in Japan now for the summer, and he told me he went shopping in Tokyo for Prince of Tennis and Bleach stuff for me lol, he's so adorable ^-^  (actually in his email he said "Princess of Tennis" instead of "Prince of Tennis", that made me laugh hard hehe, I guess Ryoma can be quite the princess sometimes XDD).  Takumi also said his aunt gave him a few kimonos and that if I wanted one to let him know :DDDD!!!!  He's so sweet!!  And speaking of sweet, he attached to his email some photos of food he's had at restaurants since arriving in Japan and omgggggg I WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANT!!!

My mom's heading back to China for a visit early June too, everyone's going somewhere except me ;_____;  Well hopefully next year I'll get accepted for the Olympics volunteering thing and I'll also be on my way back to China by this time.  After having travelled to China back in 2005 I'm fining myself really missing it, the different atmoshpere, that sense of novelty, the culture shock, THE GOOD FOOD!!!  (It's all about the food lol).  I wish I can grow wings and just fly to wherever I want.

Well to all you going to Anime North HAVE FUN!!!  I wish I can join you guys but unfortunately I won't be, boy do I miss the excitement of the dealers' room and the artist alley, all those people cosplaying, all those photos getting taken, the panels, the screenings, the dance, even with all the disorganization and the unprofessionalism of the staff (yes the staff, not the volunteers since they're not professionals so you can't really blame them) the con's still fun to attend.  SO HAVE FUN YOU GUYS!!!  AND I EXPECT PHOTOS!!!

Et pour les autres gens, passe un bon fin de semain!!