May 23rd, 2007


Doggie help?

Hmm...need some help from those of you that are dog-saavy.  For a large sized dog (say like a lab, collie or husky sized dog), how much generally do you spend on it a year?  Not like, food and the little things, but like vaccination shots (do the dogs need to get those every year?) and such.  And for day-to-day things, how often do you need to take dogs out for walks everyday?  And if it pees, like for poop I know it's poop-and-scoop, but for pee what do you do??  Just leave it?  But urine kills plants doesn't it?  So if the dog urinates on someone's lawn.....<___< 

Went to the humane society today and seeing all the animals made me want to adopt one...always wanted a doggie all my life, but stupid apartments never allowed one (not to mention the mom didn't allow one), but the apartment we might move to next year allows big pets, so maybe.....hehehe.....