May 18th, 2007


Yaoi reaches far and wide

What a productive day, managed to introduce the glory of yaoi to 2 unsuspecting souls, hehe, NO ONE WILL ESCAPE THE pervy TENTACLES OF YAOILAND!!!! MWAHAHAHA!!!  Also managed to get one of them hooked onto Tenimyu and Ouran Host Club *grin*  Nothing gets me jabbering away more than 1) politics 2) anime 3) yaoi.  Raburabu~ <3<3

Weight loss attempt 200

Now I understand why losing weight the old fashion way of exercising and eating right is so hard:

1) it takes a long time thus needing commitment, and in today's world of fast action and fast results, having to wait a week to see that scale knock down a pound or two is like an eternity
2) it's damn hard work, and hard work my friends, is one thing people today loathe and escape from

Heck I can't even be bothered to pick up a text book a day before my exam to exercise my eyes for a few hours much less voluntarily run around getting sweaty and out of breathe every single day, even if the prospect of getting to wear a gorgeous lolita dress is impressively alluring.  Today, however, out of frustration at the protruding lump of fat from my belly and hanging from my upper arms, I downloaded an 8 minute work out video.  I managed 4 minutes before collapsing on the bed, gasping like a fish on land sweating up a storm.  Even simply imagining doing this everyday for say a month makes my eyes want to roll into my head, but I guess sometimes good old hard work really is the only way to go.  We've got machines making just about everything easier these days, but what do you know, some things still require manual labour. 

Right now I'm just praying that SOMETHING will help me gain and maintain that will power needed to do this work out everyday until my weight drops.  Maybe I'll print out those lolita dresses and post them all over my walls to lure me into keeping up this exercise.  The thing is, last week I started fasting and did so for about 5 days, my weight dropped from 168lbs to 158lbs (76kg -> 72kg) before it stopped going down.  It made me realize though, that as long as when I stepped on that scale every morning and saw that needle pointing at a lower number than the day before, it motivated me to keep fasting, but as soon as it stopped dropping, it was back to my old habits all over again.  Fast action wanting instantaneous results D:  Everytime I step on that scale I want to see it go down a pound or two, even if it's just like, half an hour apart.  Stupid fast pace mentality....SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE DAMMIT!!!