May 5th, 2007






I haven't gotten a full night's sleep in 2 nights ;____;  Ah well, tomorrow (actually tonight) night I'll get to sleep well since nothing's planned on Sunday.  So anyway, a quick update, went to a volunteer training session Thursday night at the Museum of Civilization.  Walked about a total of 3 hours getting from place to place, with my stupid roommate (she volunteered with me) complaining the entire time.  For chrissakes if you can't walk in heels (they weren't even heels, they were platforms she had on, like 1-2 inches max!!  I've walked for over an hour in 4 inch heels before) then don't freaking wear them.

Then Friday morning I went to meet the guy I was suppose to tutor English to.  He's really nice.  We talked for 2 hours about everything, from politics to family.  Anyone have any suggestions for a topic that a 20 year old girl and  a 40 year old man can talk to each other about?  Something not too professional since he wants to learn casual conversational English.  And nothing that's going to spark heated debates, neutral topics as much as possible.

On Friday night Cat, Cynthia and Takumi came over to party.  As usual the laughs were plenty and the screams were shrill, fun and entertaining, but tomorrow (today) I'm going to be wiped out.  At 9:30, so in about 6 and a half hours, I have another training session at the Museum, from 9:30am to 4:30 pm =____= 

I guess I better get used to this feeling of lacking in sleep again seeing as my summer plans have me running from place to place everyday, and getting to bed early seems to be a habit that permanently escapes me.

Oh and one last thing, my marks for 4 of my classes came out:
POL 2103 (International Relations) .....C+
ANT/SOC 2151 (Globalization: Anthropological and Sociological Aspects)......A-
SOC 1101 (Intro to Sociology)......B
ENV 1101 (Global Environmental Challenges)......B

Not bad, not bad.  And for my last class, economics, I know for sure I passed at least even though I don't know my final set grade.  So I managed to keep my CGPA out of the risk zone yay~!  Alright, good night everyone, this kitty's going to go crash.