May 1st, 2007


World news tidbits

And so Bush has officially vetoed the bill to withdraw troops from Iraq.  What a blow to democracy that is, basically tossed that idea out the freaking window.  Over in Afghanistan apparently a NATO assault killed about 30 civilians.  Can this world go without one day of some innocent person getting killed?  We should dedicate a day to attempting to achieve that.  Like an international ceasfire day, no shootings, no killings, no violence on that day.  It would be quite a feat if we can achieve it. 

I also read in one place that Hugo Chavez of Venezuela cut ties with the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.  Can someone confirm that for me?  I haven't seen it being reported on BBC or CBC so I'm not sure how reliable that source is.  If it is true then that should be an interesting experiment to follow.  Those two US dominated organizations have basically an iron grip on the economies of developing countries.  It'd be interesting to see how well Chavez fares severing ties from them.  I'm holding my breath that he comes out victorious, the last thing I want to see is Venezuela collapsing and the USA with it's smug smirk going "We told you so~".  Also knocking a peg or two out of US political and economic arrogance wouldn't hurt, capitalism certainly has its many perks, but for chrissakes I hate this underlying belief that it's like, the best thing invented since sliced bread.  And thanks to that I got myself dragged into another debate on capitalism with someone on a politics community *sigh*  (scroll down into the comments if you want to read).

Really some of you guys on my f-list living in the USA, you guys should really consider running for the Oval Office.  I mean heck from what I've read on your journals any one of you would make a better president than the current one.

Ah politics, I get drawn into your murky waters so easily.

[EDIT]:  In personal news, exam/final grades have started far I know I got a 'B' in Sociology~!!  Yay!!!  Ahh I'm so restless for my MacroEco mark >___<  The prof said he'd have it up by tonight, but it's not there, please let me have passed, please let me have passed, please let me have passed.  I've been checking the site every 5 minutes for my mark ;____;