April 29th, 2007



I BROKE MY 55% WALL FOR MACROECONOMICS!! HAHA!!  We've had 4 tests for that class throughout the whole semester (not including the final exam) and for the first 3 tests I got 22.5/40, 22/40, and 22/40, all around 55%.  But for my last test I got 30/40!!! That's 75%!!!!!!!!!! OMGGGGGGG!!!!  Not that I understand anything any better ;_____;  But after some calculations I've figured out that I need a 40% on my final tonight to pass the course.  It's 100 multiple choice, so I need to get at least 40 of them correct *sigh*  Please just let me pass this darn course, please, please, please, please, please...I've never had so much trouble with any course from elementary school all the way until last semester.