April 21st, 2007


Heels + Walking = Dying feet

I just spend 2 hours in 3" heels walking along the Rideau Canal with a guy from Ottawa University's CSA (Chinese Students Association) discussing politics.  Before that we spent 1.5 hours in a coffee shop discussing politics.  My feet are killing me.  Ouch.  How can people walk in these everyday and not have foot problems? ;____;

Tomorrow I have to go to Amnesty Internationals national headquarter for my volunteer orientation, and then Sunday, don't forget everyone it's EARTH DAY!!!!!  Parliament Hill's having a big party which I'm dragging my roomie to go with me (starts at 2pm on the Hill if anyone else is interested.  There's guest speakers, music, art, all that good stuff), then Monday's my ANT/SOC 2151 exam, Globalization: Anthropological and Sociological Aspects (open book, easy peasy).  The weather's getting nicer, my summer plans are basically set, things are looking up!