March 27th, 2007


A busy, busy summer awaits

Plans for this summer:
- French tutoring
- Pass G2 test/buy car once the test has been passed
- 2 summer courses
- Volunteer at Amnesty International headquarters
- Possibly volunteer at Canadian Museum of Civilization for their special exhibition on Chinese artifacts (thank you Angela for sending me the contact info for this ^-^)
- Continue nagging the Chinese embassy about volunteering at the 2008 Olypics asking the embassy for info on applications

This year really zoomed by.  Seems like yesterday when I was back home with mom going to work in the factory every night.

America's new dictator government

Hmm...let's see, the USA Senate just passed a bill setting the deadline for American troops to be withdrawn from Iraq as March, 2008.  The House of Representatives set a deadline for withdrawal for August, 2008, and heaven knows that the majority of the people around the world are opposed to the presence of America from the start of this whole mess.  So, what does brilliant Bush declare?  That he's going to use his presidential veto to knock out both bills and ignore the opinions the majority of the international population and just do whatever he wants to do.  DEMOCRACY MY ASS!!!!!  Welcome to the era of American dictatorship!!