March 13th, 2007



Tried to pull an all-night last night to do my POL essay, didn't quite make it.  Ended up taking a 3 hour nap near the morning, and now here I am in the school's library finishing up the essay.  Times like these make me hate myself for procrastinating.  It's not a hard essay, it's not super long, so why why why why why why did I leave it to the last minute.  And now I have a mid-term at 2:30 for SOC too, and I didn't even get a chance to study for that either *headdesk*  At least I managed to pull a 70% on the first mid-term, so if I just study hard and get a good mark on the final, even if I bomb this 2nd mid-term I should still be ok.  Whoever stuck a procrastination gene into the human species I hate you.