March 12th, 2007


Busy as a beaver~

Well as they say, when it rains, it pours.  This week I've got 2 midterms (more like tests since it's way past the middle of the term already) and 1 essay due (tomorrow XDD).  Around those, I need to make some time to head over to the Chinese embassy and ask about applying to volunteer for the Beijing 2008 Olympics.  Also I finished a group interview last Saturday to become student ambassador for Ottawa University next year, and so I'm waiting to hear back from them to see if I passed for an individual interview.  THAT MEANS that I still have to look around for things to do this summer (I thought the student ambassador thing was this summer, turns out it's from September(2007)-April(2008)).  Well I'm taking at least 2 courses this summer, that's for sure, and I'm thinking about hiring a French tutor because man do I need to work on that language.  But either way, I think I'll send in an application for the House of Commons/Senate Page program (you know those people that run around in the 2 chambers bringing the MP's and Senators water and stuff, those are the pages, and I hear it pays really well).  I mean what an awesome chance to watch the proceedings of our government AND make some money off of them XDD  Oh and I also want to sign up for driving school this summer and possibly get my G2 and a car.  That way I'll have greater mobility in the city.

A few of Angela's friends came over last weekend and since she had to work some parts of the night, I took over as hostess.  Even though their topics of conversation I wasn't too familiar with, we had fun ^O^  We went for bubbletea and asked me to join them for Karaoke.  I think I'm going to join the Chinese Students Association, it'll be a good way to broaden the friends circle =D  This Wednesday is Takumi's birthday, and so he's coming over Friday night and sleeping over until Saturday, wOOt~!!  Lots going on, busy busy busy~

BUT NO FEAR!!! I haven't forgotten those recipes, I'm working on 'em!!

[EDIT]: And after calling the Chinese Embassy (and talking to the assistant of the ambassador O______o)  I'm told I can check back near the end of the month since they haven't really gotten the criteria for accepting volunteers from the Beijing Olympics committee yet.   Whew, scratch that trip off the list, that would've taken an entire morning or afternoon alone x____x  But man the assistant was so nice *-*

[EDIT2]: Ok, took a look on the Senate Pages Program website, seems like I need French *sigh* Well I've sent out a "French Tutor Needed" notice on the OttawaU and Ottawa comms, hopefully someone'll be willing to take the job on and by September at least my speaking and comprehension skills will be passable.