March 1st, 2007



You know this cooking thing isn't half bad once you've got the hang of it. I feel so cool in the kitchen with a spatula in hand, now I just need to invest in an apron lol. But yeah, lately been cooking up a storm with my roommate, Angela. First she taught me how to make this kind of noodle that I've noticed just about every single Chinese family knows how to make. It's called 炸酱面/ZhaJiangMian, you basically take this sauce that you can buy at Asian grocery stores, cook it with vegetables and meat or eggs, then mix the sauce with cooked noodles. It's really simple, but it tastes sooooooooo good.

Then a few days back I was craving for this restaurant we have here called Cora's. If you don't live in this area you've probably never heard of it, it's a breakfast/lunch resturant that not only has huge servings, but a lot of their food has fruits in it. But I didn't feel like dishing out $20 for a breakfast, so I bought some ingredients and made one of their dishes myself at home.

It turned out really really good =*-*=  Me and my roomies all had one, and I've made it a few more times since then.  Next up, me and Angela want to try our hand at making a traditional Chinese food called 煎饼果子/JianBingGuoZi.

I loooooooved this when I was in China, and always wished there was a way to make it here.  Today I googled it and surprisingly a recipe actually came up!! =DD  So me and Angela are going shopping at the Asian grocery store on Saturday to get the needed ingredients and try our hand at making this.  Can't wait =*-*=

If anyone wants the recipe for any of these let me know and I'll make a post for them =^o^=