February 27th, 2007


Good deeds DO pay off it seems

Well...sometime over the holidays I must've done something really good.  Remember that ECO (economics) midterm I mentioned before where I calculated my results and it turned out to be a 36%?  Well today I checked for my official mark on that midterm on my prof's site and somewhere I got an extra 19%!!!  So now apparently I somehow pulled a 55% on it O___o!!  Plus I got my SOC (sociology) midterm back today and even though I went in there blind (aka no studying ahead of the exam what-so-ever) I managed a 70% =DD  We also had a POL (politics) midterm today which I think I did ok on, not exceptionally well, but I think at least a mid-70 for sure \(^o^)/

Whew, so thus far no failed assignments/exams for this semester yet, good good.

Summer's coming up hard and fast, and I've gotta make plans for what I'm gonna do this summer.  Find a job?  Volunteer?  I want to apply to Amnesty International's AGM (annual general meeting) which is sort of like a conference held by Amnesty International every year.  It's 3 days I believe and there're panels discussing various human rights issues around the world.  I think it'd be an awesome experience, plus I'll gain some valuable knowledge for my future career.  There's also the application for volunteering at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  Foreigners (yes I count as a foreigner to the Chinese government these days lol) can begin to apply for a volunteer position in March, so in a day or two.  I really hope I get accepted, it'll be such an exciting experience.  I met a fellow Chinese friend in my POL class (she's also in my ECO class) and she really wants to apply with me too!  She's also from Beijing though she grew up in Canada (Montreal to be exact).  We started talking today about Chinese Communism and Chinese patriotism while we were suppose to be studying for the POL midterm and it turns out she shares a lot of my same views on certain issues.  FINALLY someone whom I can talk to on the same level about China instead of just "China sucks, they're communist >P" (aside from James, James just gives me essays lol).

Last week I also downloaded the Chinese New Year's Gala (春节联欢晚会) for the years 2000-2007, and the Chinese New Year's Opera Gala (春节戏曲晚会) for 2007.  I've loved Chinese Opera since 2000 when for the first time I watched (and learned there was such a thing as) the CNYOpera Gala.  The costumes, the singing, the flowing movements, all so elegant and stunning.  I especially like HuangMei Opera (黄梅戏), Shanghai/Shaoxing Opera (越剧), and Beijing Opera (京剧).  So I've been watching those and reaffirming my passion for my home country.  I've heard that a lot of people who live in China don't watch the Gala's anymore because they think it's too...commercialized or something, but for me who's been outside of the country for so long, it's a great chance to hear some Chinese songs and watch some funny skits while reminiscing the family ^o^