February 22nd, 2007



Hmmm....you know how in shows, anime, manga, etc. people always plan these great surprises for people whether it's birthdays or anniversaries or what-not?  Well...last Sunday was Chinese New Year, and it just so happened that this year, university has slack week this week, coinciding with Chinese New Year (slack week is basically a week of holiday for university students usually around late February).  I had told my mom I wasn't going to go home this year for slack week, but last Sunday, remembering that it was Chinese New Year, I had the biggest urge to take a taxi down to the greyhound station and hop on the next bus back home....until I remembered that the place we live in has a population of 800 people hence no greyhound station there and I would have to take the bus to London which is an hour away then call my mom to pick me up from the London station instead -__-;;  But honestly though, if I had my own car, I seriously think I would've just driven home Sunday and surprised my mom that night <3<3<3  That would've been so cool =*-*=

Mommy if you get to read this post your birdy misses you lots~