February 15th, 2007


Figure Skating

My ECO test went surprisingly well today, maybe not an A or a B but I don't think I got a 36% on it this time ^^;;  Been watching some figure skating competitions that I downloaded.  Wow those jumps and spins never fail to amaze me.  How I wish I can do that *-*  I can only do the basic basic of going forward, backwards (though really awkwardly), stopping, and that's about it.  I love the feel on the ice when you're gliding along and the wind blows your hair back, and how easily you can spin (it happens sometimes when I stop, my feet naturally does a little spin-around).  And when I want to go super-fast, I crouch down low and zoom around with almost no effort at all, it's such an amazing feeling. 

Here's a video of Michelle Kwan, she's a famous USA figure skater who's won several world championships.  Her skating is absolutely amazing, not only are her jumps solid, but her straightline footwork is astounding, not to mention her energy and spirit, just wow =*-*=  This was her 2004 Nationals long program, in my opinion it's one of her best skates.  I remember watching this one on tv her energy at the end literally sent shivers down my spine.

[EDIT]:  Is anyone else having this problem with firefox in that when you go watch youtube videos on firefox, the video either doesn't load or it loads part way and just stops?  When I go to watch the same videos in Internet Explorer they work fine....strange.