February 14th, 2007


University life.

The fact that there're people at my university (Canada born, first language is English) who spells special as specail worries me. 

The fact that there're people at my university (again, Canadian born, first language is English) who spells Chinese as Chinease worries me (the fact that that particular document was to be sent to the Chinese embassy/Chinese government worries me even more). 

The fact that there are people at my university that would lower their voices for fear of other people over-hearing to talk to me about "those strange...you know...homosexual people" worries me.

The fact that for one Student Federation election, there are walls covered with campaign posters, estimating about 20/candidate/wall, all of whom supposedly want a "greener campus" makes me want to cry and laugh at the irony.

And happy Valentines Day everyone =D


Whew the week's almost over thank goodness, not that it's been a horrifically terrible week, but just the thought that next week is reading week/slack week therefore no classes is making this week crawl at a snail's pace.  But anyway, got my Environment class midterm over with today, now for my Economics one tomorrow  The ENV one today was sooooo easy even though I only crammed an hour and a half before the actual exam.  I was done half an hour into it and actually fell asleep until the prof let us out. 

The ECO one tomorrow is one I'm really worried about, last time I pulled a 36% @___@  I've never gotten such a horrid mark on a midterm before (there's 4 midterms for this ECO class...so I guess they're more like small tests instead of midterms).  It's funny how I can go into a politics midterm with no studying what-so-ever and pull a B+ yet for Economics I study for hours and come out with a 36% ~____~  Math and anything related to it is really really really not my thing...

BUT!!  The good part is that once I've survived tomorrow's ECO test, I'M FREE FOR 9 DAYS!! NO CLASSES FOR NINE WHOLE DAYSSSSSS!!!!!!!  PLUS!!  Takumi and Cynthia are coming over again on Saturday, and after dinner together us three are going SKATING!!! wOOt!!!  Can't wait can't wait can't wait~!!!  I have to say, this year has been 210% better than last year.  I was downright miserable last year, barely any new friends, flunking my courses, ugh.  This year I'm pulling my marks back up (minus ECO <__<;;), made a bunch of new friends, and have got some stuff going on outside of school too.  Been attending some Amnesty International meetings, currently taking a Ballroom Dancing course with Cat (waltzing is hard O___o  Slow quick quick, slow quick quick, down up up, down up up, I get so confused so easily, good thing the guys do the leading lol), going skating whenever I've got the time, I'VE GOT A LIFE OUTSIDE OF UNIVERSITY OMG!! XDD

Anyway, this coming week with the break I'm planning to finally send out some LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG over-due X-mas presents and letters.  I almost totally forgot I got presents for some people until I was cleaning out the closet the other day and was like "holy crap I still have to send these out!!  *flailflail!!*".  Especially the one I got for Andie, I hope she's still into....whatever it is I got her, haven't talked to her for awhile now hopefully she'll still like it *praypray*

Oh and to finish off this post, the LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG over-due pictures I promised of Takumi from our last PARTY NIGHT~!!!
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