February 6th, 2007



Good old unpredictable Canadian weather, how I love thee.  First a cough, then gradually a sore throat, and finally a full-blown cold, fever and headache included for free, yesterday!!  Lovely.  Good thing I don't have classes on Mondays or else I would've keeled over (especially with it being -37 degrees windchill included yesterday).  You know how in anime or mangas you see the girl getting a cold (or the uke if it's yaoi lol) and the guy/seme comes over to take care of him/her?  And you go "awww that's so sweet, I wish it can happen to me", yeah well here's a shocker, when you're actually the one in bed with a pounding headache it doesn't matter if it's Kazuki's sitting by your side, it still feels crappy.

The good part is since I don't usually get sick and I don't take random medication for anything on a consistent basis, 2 capsules of Advil and a good 12 hour sleep later, I'm 90% cured today, just still have the sore throat but I think that's also due to the fact that the apartment is really really really dry.  Me and my roomies were thinking of getting one or two humidifiers because all of us are getting sore throats since it's so dry in here.

So, it's -28 degrees today windchill included, still freezing, but 10 degrees warmer than yesterday at least (hey you take what you can get when you live up here).  Plus tomorrow's the big protest to lower tuition and there's no way I'm missing that.  Busy 2 weeks ahead before slack week kicks in, got 4 mid-terms and 1 assignment, wOOt, but at least since all the mid-terms are before slack week, I can really slack during that week lol.