January 22nd, 2007


A rare, productive day ^-^

Today was one of those rare days when at night I can sit in front of my computer without feeling guilty that I wasted another 24 hours of my life.  Let's see...well this morning I went skating at the university's sports complex with my roommate Jackie.  We had so much fun!  I actually went skating on Saturday and Sunday too at one of the city's skating arena.  Wow after having not skated for a few years it feels good to be back on the ice, and to my surprise it didn't take me long at all to get used to the skates and back into the action.  I just still need to work on turning using the cross-overs when skating backwards though, I get so tense that it's hard to lift one feet up to cross it over the other one for the turn when going backwards. 

Anyways, so after we skated, we headed to the university's library to work on some readings and homework.  I managed to finish 2.5 pages out of a 12 page assignment due next Wednesday (we have to answer 3 questions, 4 pages per question).  Then finally, to finish the day up, me, Jackie, and our friend Cat went to the ballroom dancing class.  Me and Cat started taking the class last Monday, but today was Jackie's first day.  It's so awesome!  Slow slow quick quick slow slow quick quick pause, slow quick quick pause, and repeat lol.  Thusfar we're learning the Tango, next is the slow waltz, can't wait!!

Most exciting is that Takumi's coming over next Saturday for a "party night" with us!!  Our "party nights" are basically where all of us (me, Jackie, other roomie Angela, and Cat) all hang out in one of our rooms and cook and eat dinner together then play cards or video games or watch shows, just basically hanging out.  Jackie, Angela and Cat are even more excited than I am that he's coming lol!  But I'm sure it'll be lots of fun =^-^=

And finally, I promised last post I'd post some photos of me with my new hair;
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