January 19th, 2007


The life of a uni student...

First up, an apology to all those that's been commenting on my past few posts.  I know I've been majorly slacking in responding to comments and I'm really really sorry about that.  I've just been really lazy ^^;;  But yeah, don't worry I do read all of the comments and I do appreciate all of you for taking the time to respond ^-^

Anyway, I dyed my hair yesterday and now it's got purpleish-red highlights in it now.  I did it all by myself and although it got a bit messy, everything turned out fairly good I think.  I'll post some pictures later of it ^-^  I must admit though it was harder than I thought it was going to be and my hats off to all of you that do this on a regular basis, that dye stuff really gets into everything x__X;;

Today me and Jackie saw Takumi again for class, the boy's so cute lol and so different than any other boy I've met (which admittedly has not been very much lol).  He gave me a Full Metal Alchemist pencil board =*-*=  and he was showing off his little purse/bag to us XDD  He was so proud of it and the whole time I kept thinking "it's a girl's purse, it's a girl's purse, it's a girl's purse" XDDD  Ah so adorable, and such a refreshing change from the big macho image the majority of the boys over here seem to love flaunting.

On the politics side of school, we had a debate today in my Anthropology/Sociology class, (the class can be taken either as ANT 2151 or SOC 2151, but really it's politics since it's called "Globalization: the Anthropological and Sociological Aspects") between the pros and cons of globalization (basically whether globalization benefits most of the world's population vs. globalization benefiting only a few, mostly the rich).  Maybe it's cuz the course is in ANT or SOC so the students don't necessarily have that much background in the area, but I was getting so frustrated!!

Like when the people debating for the cons of globalization mentioned the SAPs, I heard all these people whispering "what's a SAP??" and I was like "WTH DO YOU MEAN WHAT'S A SAP??? HELLO?!?! STRUCTURAL ADJUSTMENT PROGRMAS?!?!?  IMF?  WORLD BANK?  WASHINGTON CONSENSUS???  PRIVATIZATION?!?!  DEREGULATION?!?!" -_____-  And when they said that cultures around the world are getting lost and also languages as well since English is becoming the predominant language, the girl sitting next to me whispered under her breath "So??" as in "Big whoop-de-doo, who cares about other cultures?" O_______o I was so ready to jump up and strangle her, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, stupid blond bimbo (sorry to any blonds reading my blog, she just happened to be blond so yeah).  Pissed me off so badly.  I found myself wanting to argue with both sides AND with a bunch of people in the audience that raised questions, so by the end of the debate I was this giant ball of raging fury X__x

*Breathes*  Well anyway, at least the week's done and over with, and thank goodness for the weekend =^-^=