January 18th, 2007


Rant rant rant

1) Not directed at anyone on my f-list per-say...more say towards some people on some comms, but if I have to scroll more than 3 times to get past your post on my f-page, FOR CHRISSAKES LJ-CUT IT!!! Unless it's like...life and death situations.

2) There's no need to post 4-6 times a day, especially in a row. When I get around 60 new posts on my f-page per day, I don't want to see posts by the same person 3 or 4 times in a row, use the damn "EDIT" function, that's what it's there for ~___~ (unless it's a post that's been cross-posted to several comms, it's still a little annoying, but I can understand the reason behind that at least).

3) Life sucks, thank you.

4) Life as a student sucks even more, but I know that once I'm out in the working world I'll be waxing poetics on how awesome being a student was...which scares me.

4.5) Tuition, textbooks, exams, mid-terms, term papers, research papers, studying and over-nighters sucks.

5) Governments and politics in general sucks.

6) I really need to figure out if Takumi (my new friend from Environmental class, not Saitoh Takumi in Teniymu) is male or female. I'm 80% sure he/she's male but there's still that 20% doubt. Anyone have any good ideas on how to go about asking new friends to tell you their gender without asking them directly? And no I'm not going to grope him/her.

[EDIT]: Ok, this is such a freaky coincidence, but thank you umbrellaofdoom and sev0109 for clearing up that yes indeed, Takumi is male XD Ok, so what's the freaky coincidence? sev0109 also has Takumi in one of her classes. Takumi had mentioned to me before that he had met another anime/Tenimyu fan in one of his other classes, and he even said he'd introduce me to her sometime. At the time it had flashed through my brain that it'd be freaky if it was sev0109 since there's not too many anime fans and even less Tenimyu fans on campus, and just now I found out that that person is indeed sev0109 XDD wOOt~!!

7) I hate global warming, but damn if this sudden drop in temperature doesn't make one want to throw logic and selfless-ness out the window and just scream for some more warming so we can be out in t-shirts again.

*Sigh* Well, back to work. It's been a fun night, g'night everyone~