January 10th, 2007




My economics teacher PISSES ME OFF!! >OOOO
We had our first class today, the class had about 30-40 people, most of them in International Development and Globalization like myself.  Now, when people are in this program, they generally have one thing in common, they don't like the way the world is being run today and they want to change it for the better, a bit idealistic, a bit preach-y, but that's our goal.  So, what does our bastard of a prof do all class? 


Tell us that this is the way the Capitalist system is run, it's the best system, and it's not going to change so we'd better suck it up and start kissing some supervisor ass if we want some power and to make money.  Oh and that we're (as in, all of us the younger generation, not just us in this program) not going to be able to find jobs, won't have money to retire, won't be able to afford a house, family, or such, and so if we want to be able to afford all that then yeah we need to make money and lots of it and so we need to basically submerge in Capitalism and get our grubby paws on the dough.

WELL YOU KNOW WHAT?!?!? KISS MY ASS!!!  Your way or the highway?  I choose the highway!  With you or against you?  I'm 210% against!  This is the way the system's run?  TOUGH!  Because we're out to change it and we're goddamn going to!!  And for chrissakes for the 10millionth time there are more important things than MONEY!!!  We're not in this field to make fucking money, as a matter of fact, my Environment class prof said to us in International Development today that we're basically paying to be in a program that's going to earn us not even enough money to pay back out student loans.  THAT'S MORE THAN FUCKING FINE WITH ME!!  If I could live off of air I'd study this program even if it earned me $0.  I don't need a house, I don't want kids, I want to make a difference in this world and I'm going to change the way this system works even if my life gets stuck on the line.  So you know what prof?  You can take your brainwashing speech about going with the flow and shove it up somewhere unpleasant.

Oh and don't preach to us about how we boycott Nike products in protest of sweatshops yet download music illegaly so where's our moral standard there.  It's precisely because of moral standards that I DO download and REFUSE to buy.  I learned today that if all the money in the world is evenly distributed between all the people on this planet, everyone, every single person regardless of gender or age would have $20 000.  So...why are there people starving?  Why are there people that can't afford basic medication?  Well let me help you to answer that, because you have people like Bill Gates and Britney Spears and George Bush who have billions in their bank accounts.  So you know what?  I will do whatever the fuck I can to keep more money from pouring into their pockets prof, and trust me, there's not moral guilt from that, NONE!!!  There's a fucking difference between Nike paying workers 3 cents to make a shirt and Britney Spears making a 5billion profit before downloading was available and 2 billion after it became popular.  Oh I'm sure she's shivering in the streets on 2 billion profits per year isn't she?!  Hah!  What a joke.

This is going to be a great class, I can tell.