January 4th, 2007


Health Check Up Questions

Ok...so I just finished my annual physical examination and the doctor at the clinic prescribed me 1 medication and 3 injections to immunize against HPV (which leads to cervical cancer which is apparently an STD, lookit that, you learn something new everyday).  Anyway, my last physical examination was years ago so my knowledge of this...health stuff is pretty minimal. 

Someone help me out here.  When I went to the pharmacy downstairs of the clinic to get the prescribed drug and the injections, guess what, they actually gave me the syringe thing with a pre-filled needle (I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW YOU CAN DO THAT!!) in a package.  Now here's my question...AM I SUPPOSE TO INJECT THIS THING MYSELF?!?!?  It's got the instructions on how to do it and everything, the problem is....I'VE NEVER GIVEN MYSELF A NEEDLE!!!! *SPAZZ!!!!*  So....where the hell do I go to get someone a little more professional to give me this injection??  I mean I knew the Public Health thing was going downhill, but I didn't realize the government gave them so little money that they can't hire someone to give patients a freaking injection O______o


Ok, and when a doctor says s/he'll "refer" you to someone else (say...a dermatologist), does that mean s/he will contact you about a specific one s/he knows or does that simply mean I should go look for one myself?  I'm so...nOOb at this XDD

Thanks guys >__<

OMG MY GRADES ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!! (Humble? Whats that? XDD)

CHN2901 .....A+
FLS2511 ......C
POL2108 ......B+

YES!! Don't mind the French, didn't expect to do too well in that class anyway, the prof had so many little tiny quizzes and this and that plus the fact that the entire class didn't understand 80% of what he was saying, as long as I passed, it's a relief.  Anyway, that POL2108?  Yeah that's the class that I totally bombed my second essay on Rousseau in, so I totally thought my marks was going to be at highest, a C, but NO IT'S A 'B+'!!!!!!!!!!! And you know what else is even better??  If I break down the marks in that class:

Participation: 10/10
First essay: 17/20
Second essay: 15.5/35
Exam:  ?/35

Now, 10+17+15.5= 42.5% going into the exam.
I came out with a B+ meaning that my final mark had to be above 75.  So let's say it's 77.

And Chinese was a given A+ XDDD  Omg, just need my marks for my Intro to Int.'l Dev. and Understanding Politics class which I'm sure will be at least a C+ AND MY CGPA IS UP IN THE SAFE ZONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!  Soooooooooo happyyyyyyyyy~!!!!!!!!!!!!