January 2nd, 2007


Montreal Trip Photos

Ok first of all, let me re-affirm that Kato Kazuki is the sexiest man I have ever laid eyes on, despite being very feminine looking at times. Thank you luin_lote for helping me re-instate my love for the boy once again with those gorgeous magazine pages you sent me =*-*=

Next up, the actual photos of my Montreal trip. We didn't really do too much in Montreal, we got there on Boxing Day and went shopping at a nearby mall that afternoon. Then that night, we went to eat at La Maison Egg Roll which is where the best Prime Minister in the history of Canada Pierre Elliot Trudeau held his interviews with the press regarding the Charlottetown Accord. Thank goodness Trudeau shot that stupid thing down or else the provincial governments would've had a field day, especially Quebec. No offence to the Quebecers on my f-list, but seriously, I don't like seeing Canada split down the middle and having to travel over another country to get from Ontario to the eastern provinces.

Then the next day, we went to Chinatown for a quick trip, mom bought some stuff and on the third day we headed back to Ottawa. I have to say, this is the first time we have managed to get into Montreal and out without getting lost on the damn highway. There's no English road signs in Quebec, piss me off. I mean hate the Anglophones all you want, sure, but for crying out loud help the tourists keep our sanity here by sticking English under the French on your road signs at least, the rest of Canada does it around the border of Quebec. Anyway, yeah so no getting lost this time, FINALLY.

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