March 17th, 2006


Dishwasher as Shampoo

Did you know dishwasher works as a stand-in for shampoo? I ran out of shampoo in the dorm and I noticed that just the conditioner wasn't cleaning my hair enough (which makes sense since conditioner's meant to just protect the hair while the shampoo actually cleans off the oil and stuff). When I washed with just the conditioner, my hair still felt kind of oily when it dried. So I figured hey, dishwasher is suppose to wash off grease and oil from dishes right? So why not my hair? So I used my dishwasher as shampoo, and it worked XDD My hair's not oily anymore lol. Don't know if there's any major side effects in the long-run, but if anyone else has a shampoo-shortage emergency, grab that dishwasher!
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    Jolin Tsai - Love Love Love (C-pop)
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Sappy moods

Uh oh, cheesy, sappy, bordering-on-depressive-but-not-in-a-bad-way mood taking over. Damn these cheesy lyrics from these c-pop songs >__< It isn't half as bad when it's j-pop since I don't know exactly what they're singing, just the broad knowledge that the lyrics are 99.9999% probability sappy enough to give squirrels caivities, but chinese songs I actually understand everything *shudder*

Here's the playlist I've got rotating right now, anyone that knows any of these songs would understand why I'm going into sugery-sweetness-overdose:

1) Meteor Rain (F4)
2) Season of the Fireworks (F4)
3) Xin Yuan Yang Hu Die Meng (Kenny Ho)
4) Tong Hua (Michael Wong)
5) Eyes on Me (Faye Wong > Chinese version)
6) Lao Shu Ai Da Mi
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    F4 - Meteor Rain
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