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Pretty blue Flowers...and no vase...

Mengya's got flowers and no vase to put them in (not even a tall enough jar or something)...I feel so student-y XDD  Just a few bowls, plates, forks, knives and chopsticks in the kitchen (along with tons of plastic containers from take-out meals lol).

Ok, gotta go find a way to get these flowers in water...will post photos of them later :D

[EDIT]: Here we go~  Found one of those pre-mentioned plastic containers and spruced it up with a ribbon for the flowers.

Aren't they pretty?  My favourite colour too~

Hehe, yes, I like taking photos, and I haven't been doing it lately so my trigger-happy finger took the chance to grab some self-portraits.  (Pst, for any Beijing 2008 enthusiasts, look in the top right corner!!  I bought a set of the Olympics 2008 plushie mascots!!  They're ADORABLE!!)

And while I have the camera out...lol.  I've been in a crafty mood lately to make these funky hair accessories, the types with the feathers, flowers, beads, sparklies, jewels, etc., etc., this is one of my creations XD   Too lazy to find a more fitting outfit to go with the hair accessory, so this'll have to do~

This was a mini-top hat (it's actually a doll's top hat) that I added some fake pearls, feathers and flowers to, you should see the looks I get when I walk outside with it on, lol.

[EDIT2]:  Couldn't help myself, after all these days of not touching my photoshop, I had to play around with it;
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