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June 14th, 2008

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04:08 pm - Amnesty Int.'l
I know I said I'd post these photos up earlier, but it got a bit hectic with my exam yesterday, but here they are.  On a nice, sunny day, I just HAD to go walking by Amnesty International's headquarters. 

Under normal circumstances, I'd probably just take a glance, shake my head and move on, thinking to myself that they just don't get China, but under current circumstances...it angers me that these self-righteous organizations holding their banners of "human rights" which they've self-proclaimed are "universal" goes around the world on their high horse of high-morality, as if they know what's best for others.  I won't speak on behalf of the people of other countries, maybe some enjoy these organizations and sees them as helpful and supportive, but with regards to China, stop viewing the 1.3 billion people as passive victims needing your helping hand.  We came through the past 100 years, from semi-colonisation to civil war to invasions to sanctions, and we've come through it all on our own.  We didn't need your help back then, not that you would've offered anyway considering the Chinese people were apparently synonmous with dogs ("Chinese and dogs not allowed to enter" on the doors of foreigner-owned stores in China during the semi-colonisations phase), and we most certainly don't need it now.

You've taken a century-long dream of 1.3 billion people and stomped it into the ground, saying that it's a decade-long dream of a ruling Party, that alone shows just how little you know about China, so how DARE you parade about as if YOU know what's the best for this ancient civilization and her people?

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Date:June 15th, 2008 06:52 am (UTC)
I guess this is where the rich and powerful differ from those who have come from a background of struggle: what the West takes for granted to be "rights" are really just "luxuries" and "privileges".
Date:June 15th, 2008 03:20 pm (UTC)
Life for life. That's basic human rights. Those murders do not deserve lives paid by tax payers.
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Date:June 16th, 2008 06:18 pm (UTC)
Chinese and dogs not allowed to enter" on the doors of foreigner-owned stores in China during the semi-colonisations phase

urgh....don't remind me.. that some of the few things which annoyed me when I studying colonisations of SE Asia... urgh

but then again...

China's ideal of human rights is quite disturbing...
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Date:June 16th, 2008 11:32 pm (UTC)
China's idea of human rights is really quite simple and not so disturbing if you understand it. It comes from the fundamental notion that collective rights come before individual rights, and with a country of her size that's quite understandable and that the government has a duty to its people much like the duty of parents to children.

Do we bow to the demands of 0.7% (10,523,432)of the overall population of China that are Tibetans (assuming that all Tibetans actually want independence) or stick with the 99.3% (1,300,000,000+) that claim they're part of China? Do we scramble to make accomodations for a few hundred thousand Fa LunGong practitioners that have promoted a "religion" that is entrenched in individual worship of the leader (Li Hongzhi), tells its followers that suicide can take them to paradise, and the usage of modern medication is not allowed, or ban them to maintain the security and stability of the rest 1.3 billion citizens? Numerically, 0.7% of China's population, a few hundred thousand followers of FLG isn't a small number by any means, but percentage, the majority on the other side is also huge.

You hear about these cases of human rights activists in China, which I find only receive such a label when they attempt to push forward an agenda of the "Western" perceived notion of individual rights, like Hu Jia who got arrested, and these human rights organizations scream there's no freedom of speech in China. Yet if you go onto Chinese forums you'll find that often these "activists" aren't exactly welcomed nor appreciated by the Chinese people either, for Hu Jia I've heard of many people believing the Chinese government let him off too easy and his sentence should have been even harsher.

So it's not that these organizations seek out what the Chinese people themselves want as a whole and find ways to support them, but instead, they seek out individuals or small groups within China that want the same things as they do (individual rights, democracy in their idea, etc) and support these individuals or these groups. They refuse to look at the bigger picture and take into consideration the opinions of the majority of the Chinese people, and when they (the people) disagree with these "western" values they (the people) gets labelled as brainwashed by the Chinese government. China's huge, with it's enormous population you can easily find a group of people that seems to be supportive of just about anything these days, and when organizations use stats it always comes out sounding huge, like so and so many million people want this or that, but in the face of 1.3 billion, a few million simply doesn't take majority.

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