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April 4th, 2008

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11:14 pm - The day the Great Wall got called a "Staircase"
Sometimes you meet people who just makes you want to tear your hair out in frustration yet at the same time just shake your head in disbelief.  Today, I was at the bus stop with a friend, waiting for the bus.  This older man comes up to me and I guess he judged from my looks that I was Chinese and he's like "hey look at this pin I've got" and proceeded to show me this pin on his hat that was a panda with the word "China" under it (he had lots of different pins on his hat, souvenirs from one occasion or another I guess).  It was a cute pin so I was like "oh that's adorable, you've visited China before?"  to which he responds no but I guess some friend of his had or something and bought him the pin.  He then kept talking and showed me 3 other pins, one of the Great Wall, another of the Forbidden City's front gates and a third of Mao Ze Dong.  This was where I started wanting to cry and laugh at the same time.  He called the Great Wall "the longest staircase in the world", called the Forbidden City "that place where they all pray" and asked if Mao was still alive today.


Now, I understand China's on the other side of the planet, and it's unfair of me to expect everyone here to know it as thoroughly as the Chinese people do but...umm...as a Chinese person...you can well imagine the flood of thoughts that waterfalled through my head.
Great Wall = staircase?
Forbidden City = temple?
Mao = alive and kicking?

This nice old man continued on to insist to me that there was war going on in China, and that the Red Army was still randomly killing people.  Er...right...ok then.  I tried to explain that there was no war in China, conflict possibly, but no war, and the Red Army doesn't exist anymore and his response was "oh no, no, I know there's war, lots of people being killed.  And those Red Army, they're bad, they just kill everyone.  You know in that square?  Yeah they just run over people that one time with tanks, lots of people, hundreds and hundreds were killed, just run over with tanks.  Those Red Army, they're bad". 

Yeah, ok, sure, don't even get me freaking started on the TianAnMen Square incident.  There's so much crap on that incident the West doesn't see, and when you try to tell them all they ever respond with is "well the government and military shouldn't have killed those innocent people, that's an infringement on their human rights".  Always with the damn human rights, I'm getting sick and tired of people using that banner everywhere, it's like the USA using the "DEMOCRACY" banner to invade and mess up one country after another.  You know, it's ok if your country's in chaos and can't function properly because people have decided they need to exercise their individual rights so they ignore what's needed and good for the country as a whole, but you know if the government steps in and forcibly stops that that's AN INFRINGEMENT ON HUMAN RIGHTS OMG!!!  THE BLASPHEMY!!  BAD GOVERMENT!! BAD, BAD!!!  PEOPLE MUST BE FREE TO DO AS THEY WISH!!  EVEN IF IT TURNS THE COUNTRY UPSIDE DOWN, INSIDE OUT, AND ALL AROUND!!!  Oh but see, when the people do it here, like Seattle 1999, no that's not allowed.  We're just keeping law and order, that's legitimate intervention and infringement on peoples' freedom of speech and expression.  Pft, Seattle only lasted about a week with numbers at the highest estimate of about 100,000.  TianAnMen Square incident lasted for months with millions of people, not much when compared to the entire population of China, but enough to give any single government a headache.  I'd like to see a couple million people gathered on Capitol Hill or Parliament Hill for a few months and see what methods our governments use to settle the problem.  Actually, if the government was really smart they'd label those protesters as terrorists or at least backed by terrorists, then they'd get the all-clear to open fire and more than likely the majority of the morons hanging around would nod wisely and go "Well of course, they were terrorists!  Our governments are saints from heaven, of course they wouldn't open fire on INNOCENT civilians, they only do that in those crazy, psychotic dictator and commie states where the governments are just greedy bastards from hell.  We are the warriors of justice!  We shall save them and show them the light of our magnificent system and ways!!" aided of course by our "free media" to spread their biblical gospel.

Ok, kind of wandered off-topic, back to my encounter with the nice, old gentleman.

He then turned to my friend and asked her whether she's Chinese and she told him her mom was Taiwanese and her dad was from China.  The man in turn replied with "Oh Taiwan, yes!  They're a free country now, no communist in that country, lots of communism in China though, but not in Taiwan, they're free, that's a nice country".


1) Dispute between Taiwan and China aside, Taiwan has not been recognized as a country by the international community, they do not have a seat at the United Nations.  Plus ever since the recognition of the Beijing government as the official government of China at the UN, even the USA, Taiwan's supporter, has oriented their policy towards the situation as "One China".
2) Define "free" for me will ya?  That's another word that's been irking me lately.  Free, freedom, liberty.  If there's any "freedom" we wouldn't need laws, a lot of lawyers would need a new career, we wouldn't need courts, we wouldn't need this justice system.  One person's freedom is another man's chains dude.  Stop tossing that family of words around, those words alone are contradictory to the entire human existence within any society.
3) Well...China's government is Communist, so..., of course there's "lots of communism"...whatever that means.  Oh, and for chrissakes stop making it sound like Satan himself created communism, Chinese people like our Communist government just fine, thank you very much, sure they've got problems, but no less and no more then any other government.   They've made mistakes, but again, no less and no more than any other government.  Whatever happened to the Chinese peoples' right to self-determination?  Or does that only apply when 'the people' choose to determine their future in the path of Western democracy?  Every other path is apparently only chosen because 'those people' who choose it are misled, being lied to, misinformed, brainwashed, uneducated, haven't seen the light, backwards, or to put it bluntly, stupid, moronic and mentally retarded right?  Except this time those misled, lied to, misinformed, brainwashed, uneducated, haven't seen the light, backwards, stupid, moronic and mentally retarded people number over 1billion.  In other words around 20% of the world's population, a population that is above the population of Canada, USA, all of Europe, Russia and Australia combined.  Wow, that's some powerful propaganda those Commies in Beijing have created to mislead, lie to, misinform, brainwash, uneducate, keep in the dark, stupify, moronify, mentally retard that many people.  You know, to be quite honest, if all this way of thinking really has been the result of Chinese government propaganda, I've really gotta give a nod of respect and admiration to them for being able to do it so amazingly well, I mean wow, that's quite a magical formula...wonder if I can get my hands on it someday...hehe...RULE THE WORLD WITH MY BRAINWASHING POWERS!!! MWAHAHA!!

*Sigh* well one can dream...

I mean this guy wasn't mean or anything, he just wanted to show me his pins, but still, at the same time the Chinese gene in me is like "dude, don't try to tell ME what's going on in MY country like you know MY country better than ME <___<".  Goodness gracious...


Brr...next week's the last week of class...this semester's dragged on too long I think, my patience with anything, everything and everyone's wearing thin.  It'd be interesting to note the frequency upon which I use swear words at the beginning of the school year compared with at the end, along with the frequency and severity of irritation caused by various...incidents.  School's not good for one's health I tell ya, the longer you stay in it the more you get stressed and irritated.  Heck modern life isn't good for one's health I'd argue.  Just waiting for the day the meteor strikes us and clears us out...hopefully before we start spreading our poisonous tentacles into outer space...let's at least keep the pollution on this planet and spare the rest of the galaxy.

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Date:April 6th, 2008 03:54 pm (UTC)
He was probably just old and confused which decade we're in :p
[User Picture]
Date:April 7th, 2008 03:05 pm (UTC)
Hehe, probably.

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