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New roomie~

Oh yeah, yesterday was April Fool's day wasn't it?  Anyone get tricked?  It's not really a good time of year for humour for most uni students lol, the humour metre runs thin when term paper deadlines are racing at you at lightening speed and exams are looming omniously over the horizon.  On a happy note though, it seems like me and Bonnie have found ourselves a new roomie to replace Angela when she moves out at the end of June, and the lucky winner is...*drumroll*:

TAKUMI!!!  My Japanese friend from university :D!!  Bonnie had actually posted up a "looking for a roommate" notice on a forum and we had some guys come by to take a look, but it was always kind of iffy since we don't really know them and they don't know us, so how well we'd all get along was always up in the air.  Now though, Takumi's moving in, god this is going to be one crazy house lol!  He's into 'Zuka, anime, and...get ready...BL~ XDD  Everytime he comes over he asks me if I've got any new BL to watch, hehe.  We (me and Bonnie) were starting to get stressed out about finding a new roomie, but now I can't wait until the end of June!!  *Dances around the room*  车到山前必有路~!  (Rough trans: when the car gets to the bottom of the mountain there will be a road for sure...aka don't fret, a solution will arise when the time comes).
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