koneko_desu (koneko_desu) wrote,

Fucking roommate....

Roommate wars are not fun. Getting caught between 2 roommates at war is even less fun, although I do have a side I prefer to lean towards. I can't wait until all this crap is over with in a few months, I've never had so much problems and frustrations with a single person. Then again, usually if someone's personality is a mismatch from mine I wouldn't voluntarily stick around him/her, but since she lives here I can't really avoid it all. Freaking hell, it's getting to the point where the sight of her, the sound of her, makes me cringe in annoyance. She's loud, obnoxious, immature, childish, and has the worst habits like not cleaning out the sink in the kitchen after she cooks, yet throwing things like eggshells and vegetable leaves in there. It's not a damn garbage chute you freak, and you fucking bitch I haven't even called you up on your clogging the sink last time, yet blatantly denying it in my fucking face. Oh, and for your information, since it seems common sense isn't your strong point, calling your friends to come over on a Sunday night for dinner, at the end of the semester when term papers are due and final exams are looming then having them stay until 12am as you squabble like turkeys and shriek like hyenas is NOT fucking OK. Hurry up and move your ass out of our apartment, I can't wait until you're fucking gone, I've put up with you for 2 goddamn years and you've tried my patience time and again. The 3rd roommate last year had a problem with her, the new 3rd roommate this year has a problem with her, heck even my mom has a problem with her after staying in the apartment for a week when she visited me last summer.

Tags: bitching, rl, roomate
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