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MORE LJ FAIL! It just doesn't freaking end...

Hehe, yeah ok LJ, apparently having 3 accounts options was too confusing for users, so you got rid of the most basic one that was offered for free and without ads.  Now though, only a little over a week after, you're introducing a NEW account option that's a "Sponsored Paid Account"?  Is it that 3 account options are too confusing for US the USERS or is it simply that the idea of a FREE and AD-FREE account is too incomprehensible for YOU?

Basically here's the new corporate-drama taking place in the forever-raging battle between the users of LJ and the executives up at SUP (the new Russian company that took over LJ from the old owner 6Apart, or 6A for short).  Initially, LJ users had 3 options when setting up an account;
1) Basic = free and no ads
2) Plus = free, with ads, but some perks such as more userpics alloted and more layout options than Basic account option
3) Paid = no ads, maximum userpics alloted and maximum layout options

A little over a week ago, the higher ups at SUP decided that apparently having 3 options was too confusing for users, or at least that's the explanation they gave for their decision, and they took away the Basic account option from new users (I posted about that announcement here).  As a result, users were up in arms and went on a 24-hour strike, unfortunately, a strike didn't hurt the higher-ups where it counted (aka their wallets).  Today, a new announcement was made, announcing the testing of a new  account option (available so far only to Russian users), ironic considering just a little over a week ago they had deemed us too mentally-challenged to comprehend 3 options;
1) Plus = free, with ads
2) Sponsor Paid (ironically this is actually more confusing to explain than the Basic account) =  You get all the perks and privileges of a "Paid" account except you're not the one paying but a company that you select from a list of LJ-approved companies.  Therefore, basically, your journal will be turned into one giant billboard for that chosen company, they pay for a paid account for you, they get to plaster your journal with their ads, is the basis of it.
3) Paid = no ads, maximum userpics alloted and maximum layout options

So basically, for any of you with a paid account, pretty soon if this deal goes through what you'll basically be paying for is to not see ads, awesome deal isn't it?  It's like those higher ups are deaf, blind and mentally challenged.  Did they honestly think we wouldn't see the irony?  Did they think we wouldn't call them up on it?  Were they hoping to just sneak this new change in without us noticing?  Come on LJ, give us some freaking credit, we're not as greedy as you but at least we have a brain and are capable of using it, something you seem incapable of recently.  Thinking with the wallet instead of the head again eh?

[EDIT]:  Oh, oh!  This just in from news  community that seems to be some-what responding to comments (the usual corporate BS that doesn't solve anything, but at least she's responding to some comments).  Here's her clarification on this new account option:

"It's not that a sponsor would approve the posts, it's just that they'd be able to review (public) posts from time to time.

Also, the way it's conceived right now (and, again, it will be put up for feedback and more testing if or when it goes forward), there would be a trial period for the user and the sponsor, after which time there would be a set period of time for an agreement. That way, either party would have a chance to decline before anything was agreed to.

F-lock those posts guys, heaven forbid some company finds out you're into the yaoi or *gasp* writing fanfiction and/or slash, those icky, gross, disgusting, dirty, possibly homosexual, stories about those icky, gross, disgusting, dirty, possibly homosexuals *eyeroll*.

[Edit2]:  HAHA!! It just gets better!  Good lord, I just did a more detailed read of the post on news, apparently us lucky users now get the option to use GWEN STAFANI and HP layouts!! :D!!!  Here's the quote from their post, if you want to go look for it, it's 3/4 of the way down on their original post;

"Need Some Inspiration?
No one brings ideas to life quite like Gwen Stefani. With awesome personal style, and a true understanding of what it means to be creative, Gwen is a true inspiration for the designer in all of us. And now, for a limited time only, you can add a custom theme from Gwen Stefani and HP to your journal."

Hrm...excuse me but, "no one brings ideas to life quite like Gwen Stefani"?  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!  Oh that's a good one, omg!!!  EPIC, EPIC FAIL LJ!!! XDDDDDDD!!!
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