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Before and after photos~ - Welcome...

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March 23rd, 2008

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08:49 pm - Before and after photos~
Time for before and after photos~!! 

Last year, April of 2007 I looked like this (photo taken roommate Angela, we were on an outting that day :D).  Whee~ kitty ears:

Today, I did a self-taken photo (because I'm bored...Easter weekend has been tediously boring even though I have 3 assignments to write;___;):

HAHA!!! SUCCESS!!  I remember my reaction upon first seeing that photo of myself from last year, I barely resisted from bursting into tears.  I mean I had always been a bit chubby, a few pounds above the average weight for my height, but never in the "completely overweight" category.  Just before last summer I was at the highest point of my weight, 167lbs (I'm 5'1'' in height), and I remember extremely clearly my sense of hopelessness that I would ever get my weight under control again. 

The scary thing was though, until I saw that photo Angela took of me, I was still fooling myself thinking I was fine.  I mean I'd look in the mirror in the morning and be like "Oh yeah I'm a bit chubby, no more than usual, look I have a waist still :D"  and whenever I took photos of myself I'd always (of course) be super cautious of how I posed and such to make myself look fine (ie. pushing my head forward or tilting my chin upwards to avoid the double-chin sneaking into the photo).  Trouble is, that meant I kept lying to myself that my weight wasn't an issue when all the evidence pointed otherwise.  My pants weren't fitting, sitting down I'd sometimes actually have a bit of trouble breathing, hard to catch my breath, etc., etc.  Freaky that one can really fool oneself like that, I guess that's what the anorexias see, except the opposite, when they look in the mirror eh?  I never would have believed it was possible to play optical illusions on yourself like that if it didn't happen to me D:

So, this morning I weighed in at 134lbs, V.I.C.T.O.R.Y.!!  My ideal weight is to be between 120-125lbs, so I have a bit more of a road to go this summer, but damn it feels good :DD  I can see my damn collar-bones!! XDD  And I can breathe in my pants again.  A bit of a superficial reason to feel so excited and victorious (well yeah, there's the health aspect...that kind of just gets tossed to the side on this issue most of the time though, even though it should be the most important reason ^^;;), but I think this is one of my biggest accomplishments so far (especially since it took a year to achieve...usually my attention span lasts a week and that's it <___<).

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Date:March 24th, 2008 07:10 pm (UTC)

Not too big a secret, lol, actually it sounds all super-cliched. Just exercise and managing the meals right. I started the "diet" last year right before summer hit, and last summer was super hot which helped with working off the weight. Basically it didn't matter what I did as exercise, but for almost everyday of last summer I made sure I sweated enough at least once a day so that I needed a 5-minute shower before I went to bed at night to get the stickiness off. Didn't even hit the gym once though, I basically stuck to walking outside (I'd bring my MP3 player and put in some fast-paced music and I find myself always walking to the beat of the music so I'm like..speed walking around) and dancing in my room like a moron XDD.

On the food side I super cut down what I ate (not hard since I used to eat a ton). So a typical day would be like a bowl of cereal in the morning, a sandwich (like, 2 slices of bread and a slice of ham with a leaf of lettuce...not those Tim Hortons or Subway sandwiches) for lunch. And dinner I always ate at least 5-6 hours before my bedtime, so I usually go to bed at 12am and I had dinner around 6 or 7pm, and even then it was light, so maybe another sandwich and a salad or something. Just stay away from those fastfood stuff, the burgers, fries, those really pack on the pounds, and don't sleep right before eating. Usually I found if I ate a few hours before bed, after sleeping and waking up the weight goes down about 0.5lbs, but if I eat right before bed I wake up having gained 1-1.5lbs. My eating habits are pretty irregular though, sometimes I'd have all 3 meals, sometimes I'd go for a day with just 1 depending on class schedules, when I wake up and stuff. Basically just make sure you're not starving to the point that your tummy hurts, even if you just eat a cookie or two to stop the cramps but don't eat until your so full you feel sick. A nice middle is good to maintain, or if you're trying to lose weight lean a bit on the empty side but not too heavily.

That's about it, it really does depend on individuals too though, so just play around with the routines and stuff. The body's kind of strange sometimes, I mean a few times this year I've had big dinners with friends and afterwards I'd weight myself the next morning and find I lost 2lbs O____o;;

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