koneko_desu (koneko_desu) wrote,

Fail LJ, once again, FAIL

Fuck you lj, just seriously, fuck you.  Apparently having 3 account options is "too confusing" for users, and so the lovely staff of lj has decided to get rid of the basic account option meaning from now on any new accounts made will either have to have advertising or you have to get a paid account to not have advertising displayed on your pages.

Fail lj, major fail.  Strikethrough 2007 obviously taught you nothing, but why should it?  Heaven forbid you listen to public opinion because doing so would mean less profits into your personal bank accounts wouldn't it?  I'm super regretting my decision to purchase a permanent account back in the summer right now, lj has made one screw up after another...oh excuse me, not screw up, they've systematically eliminated choices for users and pushed us down a path that will allow only more money to enter into their pockets, that's no way coincidental nor a mistake on their part.  Lj staff, every single one of you that gets paid by our dollars, but especially the CEO and top executives at 6A (owning company of lj), I hope you burn in hell, that's how angry I am right now, just burn and I'll gladly stomp on your freaking ashes afterwards with glee >D
Tags: bitching, lj drama
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