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Afghanistan mission extension: Passed


Well, looks like we're stuck in the mud-hole of the Afghanistan missions until December 2011, and who knows if we'll actually pull out on the set time.  Anyone attending the protest tomorrow on Parliament Hill against this war?  The university protest is starting in front of the MST Library at 12pm and heading to Parliament Hill, the city-wide protest is starting in front of the National Art Gallery where that giant spider-thing statue is.

Stupid goddamn Conservatives, Bush's little lapdog Harper, and those damn freaking Liberals that voted in favour of extending the mission.  What the hell?!  You're there as an OPPOSITION, look up the word Dion, you OPPOSE the government in power and act as a second voice in order to better represent the people of this country, you don't freaking join hands with them!  Just because god-knows-why you don't want an election doesn't mean you compromise the will of the people of this country for your political games.  

How embarassing for Canada, we bashed the Americans for invading Iraq, then we up and join them to enter Afghanistan instead, GREAT IDEA!  BRILLIANCE I say!!  Oh and that "it's not a Canadian mission, it's a NATO mission" junk?  Pft, excuse me while I hurl, the organization was created during the Cold War to prepare for possible needs of military combat, now that the Cold War's ended the organization and its mandates are useless so dissolve the damn thing.  You can't convince the world and the people we're sincere and committed to peace when we obnoxiously and systematically support and are directly involved in an organization created for military combat.  Besides, just because it's NATO missions doesn't mean it's a right and/or just mission, bullying a country infused with poverty under the guise of "fighting insurgents and helping the Afghan people" isn't going to work Harper/Dion, it's bullshit, complete and utter moronic spew that makes me feel like it was emailed from the Oval Office in Washington, stamped with a PMO seal and tossed into the House of Commons.

Oh and whichever minister it was that said after the motion was passed last night to extend the mission to 2011 that "you can't say it's a Conservative or a Liberal mission anymore, it's a Canadian mission", I say to you that when over half of the population, the civilian population, are against the invasion in the first place and even more so with extending it, don't you DARE label it a Canadian mission.  I certainly don't support it, I haven't met anyone personally  that supports it, how dare you ignore and wash over the opinion of half of the country's population and label us all as supporters of your stupid mandate.

Whew, ok, just had to get that off my chest.  This Afghanistan issue has been running around in panicked circles for a lo~ng time now.  Anyone got a video of yesterday night when they passed the motion and the 50 or so people that were in the Public Galleries that started protesting?  I really want to see it...but it hasn't been covered by any of the media..figures, free media my ass.

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