koneko_desu (koneko_desu) wrote,

WARNING: Sluggish, bored and easily irritated.

I miss my longer hair ;___;  I think after this time I'm going to keep my hair at the shortest, chin-length like my previous hair-cut.  My hair's too thick and...hard for this short, short style.  I've had to resort to hairspray and gel to keep the top layer from standing up on end like after you rub a balloon over your hair and the static electricity causes it to do the hedgehog style, except mine just does that naturally...amusing at home, but not so much when you plan to go outside <___<;;

On less superficial topics, I don't know if it's the continuing snowy and wet wintery weather or the prospect that the summer's fast approaching and I have yet to find a good, solid job, but I'm getting super-easily irritated along with a dose of boredom and sluggishness these days.  I think it started this past week ,  I mean I've skipped all my classes so far this week except for one, I just had no motivation to go what-so-ever.  The good thing is midterms and stuff are over, so I can afford to skip a few, but 1 term paper, 1 critical review, and 1 documentary review are due in the coming weeks, all of which I have yet to work on >____<  Maybe it's because when Christine was here I had so much fun for those few days that now with everything going back to routine I'm bored?   CHRISTINE COME BACK HERE!! TRANSFER TO U of O!!!  ;_____; 

BTW, for those of you that are more familiar with facebook than me, can you post journal-type entries onto facebook?  Like if I wanted to copy and paste this post over onto facebook...would it be just as a "note" as I've seen some people post or...is there like a "journal" option/function on facebook for these kinds of stuff??
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