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Parliament, boring? Never :D

Holy jesus christ <____<  Sorry for the double post in such a short period of time, but I just had to write this down.

I'm working in the MP's office that I volunteer for right now, and it's either question period or there's a debate of some sort over in the House of Commons right now.  A bunch of MP's (Members of Parliament), or their assistants I guess since the MP's themselves are in the House of Commons, have their tv's turned on to watch the session live (yes they get tv's in their offices) and I swear it sounds more like a hockey game being broadcasted then a Parliamentary debate.  I'm hearing cheering from down the hall from other MP offices, and there's explosive applause and cheering coming from the tv in our office.  Geez.... 

[EDIT]:  Since we're on the topic of politics, might as well get this out there.  Having been in this MP's office for a few weeks now, I kept coming across letters and emails from people asking this MP to support a Bill C-484.  Curious, I looked it up.  Basically, what the bill claims is that if a pregnant woman is assulted/attacked and both her and the fetus are killed/harmed, the perpetrator should be charged with crimes against 2 people instead of 1.  Sounds good right?  Nice and logical sure.  That's what I thought...for the first 5 seconds before I realized that recoginising the fetus as a "person" with legal "rights" would deal a massive blow to pro-choice arguments.  

If 2 "people" share 1 body, then the rights of both would have to compromise...in this case the rights of the woman carrying the fetus.  This probably isn't an issue for most women since pregnancy is a joyous event and to ask a mother-to-be to give up some rights for her child-to-be, she would most likely be willing to do so (within reason).  What if, however, the mother has a miscarriage due to, say, stress?  Or another of her "indirect" actions harms the fetus?  How easy would it be for a lousy government to pull up that bill and charge the mother with a crime?  Pretty darn easy I'd say, given how stupid and notoriously governments (especially the current Conservative one) is for muddling up waters and making life as hard as possible for common citizens of Canada.  Sure Mr. Ebb (the brilliant MP that came up with this bill) can say the bill will only apply to assults by a third party, but heck, do I really trust the words of a Conservative MP?  Nope, not as far as I can throw him <___<  Once you've recognized that fetus as a person with legal rights before he/she exists the birth canal alive (as is the current definition of a "person"), I can just hear the war-cries of the pro-life camp, shrieking for abortion to be abolished and brandishing Bill C-484 as their weapon.
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