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March 2nd, 2008

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06:55 pm - Massive photos post!
5 days since my last udpate??  O____o;;  Whoa time flies! 

Well, I come bearing a dial-up breaking post full to the brim with PHOTOS!! :D!  So some of you may know that my high school friend, Christine, came to visit me during her reading week break.  She arrived last Saturday morning (Feb. 23) and left last Thursday evening (Feb. 28th).  During that time we checked out the Rideau Canal (more commonly known as simply the Canal), visited the Parliament, sat in on part of a House of Commons session, had some beavertails, had hotpot with friends, and had dimsum with other friends XD  We also had bubbletea...but I think all the photos I took there are on my cell phone and I have no idea how to get them onto my computer (my phone's like...ancient...it's 3 years old!! XD).

So anyway, photos are arranged from earliest to latest, click to see full-size.
- Christine arrived in the morning, and mostly we hung around my apartment for the day.  In the evening there was a party/dinner/performances to celebrate the Chinese Lantern Festival (as well as a belated Chinese New Years') that we attended with my roommate Bonnie;

Christine and Me.

Maggie (in the silver shirt) and my roommate Bonnie.


Another photo of Christine.  She kept turning out super-pale thanks to my flash ^^;;

One of the organizers of the event and a friend of mine, Can (yes her name's Can :D)

The stage where the performances took place.

Bonnie and me~

- In the morning, we took a stroll on the Canal, from my place to downtown.  The Rideau Canal freezes over in the winter creating a 7km skating rink for everyone to enjoy, either to skate, walk, sled, or whatnot.  Along the way there's various "pit-stops" that sell hot drinks and snack foods.  It's a World Heritage sight as the longest skating rink in the world.  Then we caught a bus to go to Chinatown to buy the ingredients we'd need for hotpot Monday night;

Christine on the Canal.  We didn't skate since Christine didn't know how to, plus we didn't want to lug around our skates afterwards.  The ice on the Canal isn't really great as you can see, it's quite bumpy, but it makes it easier to walk for us XD

Random photo of people on the Canal.  That chimney you see in the background with smoke coming out of it, that's my university.  It's quite common to see people carrying skates entering classrooms, you know they used the Canal to get to school ^-^

Attempt at taking a photo ourselves, by me, of us on the Canal.

Another photo of random people on the Canal.

Nearing the start of the Canal.  The beginning of the Canal (0.0km) is downtown.  We got onto the Canal at around the 2.8km mark I think and headed towards downtown, so basically we were going backwards.  You can see the Parliament (with the Canadian flag on top of the roof) in the background.

After getting off the Canal, there are these random statues XD

Christine in front of the WWI memorial.

- A second stroll on the Canal, this time we bought some beavertails (a type of Canadian pastry where a piece of flat, fried dough is sprinkled with various condiments, usually sweet, click here and here for some photos) to munch on the way;

Christine in front of a sign stating "World's Largest Skating Rink"

Us in front of a BeaverTails hut.

- Then, we spent the afternoon on Parliament Hill, sitting in on a House of Commons session for 2 hours and listening to some Members of Parliament (MP's) bicker back and forth about Canada's mission in Afghanistan.  We got lucky that it so happened that we got to hear Peter MacKay (Canada's Minister of Defense) and Stephane Dion (the Liberal Party's leader) speak.  Even with such prominent politicians speaking though, it was still pretty dull, and it made me want to charge Mr. McKay and smack some sense into him.  No photos of the House of Commons...no cameras allowed D:

Christine standing in front of the Peace Tower, the Centre Block of the Parliament buildings.  I was trying to get that darn flag at the top into the photo...so Christine turned out super-tiny (that white dot next to her is her hand, waving at me XDD)

Oh, oh!  She's getting closer!

Darn flag....Well at least we can see the person this time XD

- Afterwards, we headed home and at around 5pm my friends arrived for HOTPOT!!  (Hotpot is basically a big pot of boiling water, add in already-made soup-base of herbs and spices, and then you just toss in meat and veggies as you see fit.  Click here, here, here and here for some picture examples of hotpot.)

Some of these photos I posted before.  Left to right, Christine, K, Takumi, Isabelle, Bonnie and Cat.

Pairs time!  Christine and K~

K and Takumi~

Takumi and Isabelle~

Bonnie and Cat~

Me and Christine~

Group shot~

Group shot 2~  Takumi doing some Dragonball Z thing with his hands XDD

- Then, after getting filled up on yummy food, everyone huddled into my room to dig through my pile of Takarazuka shinies (aka books) and where I blasted some 'Zuka shows on my computer as I dug out some of my kimonos and we proceeded to play dress-up XD

Me helping Christine put on the Kimono and Bonnie helping Cat.

Takumi took the chance to take the bow from the obi and...well...XDD  (yeah I cheated, I bought an obi with a pre-tied bow so I wouldn't have to get myself all tangled attempting to tie those things ^^;;)

After getting the bow back from Takumi (lol), tada~  Cat and Christine in the Kimonos.  The one Cat's wearing (on the left) is actually a 2-piece, a shirt and a...skirt/dress type thing that ties at the waist.

The back~

Bonnie with the kimono (and my bunny eating on the bottom in the left :D)

And the back~

And even though it was a girl's kimono Takumi, of course, had a blast trying it on :D!  He was so tall that we didn't even need to fold it under the obi XD


Whee~  We should've taken a photo of him doing that pose from the front.  My bunny's looking at us like "wth you crazies doing??!" XD

- No photos for Tuesday, nothing happened much, I went to my morning class, then we napped for the rest of the day until dinner XD  Had yummy tacos for dinner :D~~

- Christine went with me to my morning classes.  Afterwards we went for some bubbletea downtown, then to the Byward Market to walk around.  Afterwards we bought Burger King and went home :D~

- In the morning, me, Christine, roommate Angela, and ex-roommate Jackie headed to a downtown Chinese restaurant for some delicious dimsum (dimsum is a Chinese food, usually eaten as a brunch.  Waiters come around with little carts that have various snack-foods on them you can choose.  Click here, here and here for some photo examples of DimSum).  Lots of photo-taking (and eating) ensued!

Left to right, Christine, Angela and Jackie~

Random photo :D  Christine and Angela.

LOOK!! Bride (Jackie) and Groom (me)!!  That's what this photo got labeled anyway XDD

Jackie playing with her napkin lol~

Me trying to eat my cell phone XDD

I'm obsessed with self-taken photos lol.

Yeah!  Food's come!!

MMmmm....yummy!!  We ordered soooooo~ much XD


Egg tarts!  Yummy!!  Oopsie, looks like Jackie took a bite before the photo got taken O:

HURRY AND SWITCH!!  There we go...don't mind the one on the plate that got a chunk bitten out of it XD

And for those of you that asked in my last post, yes I got my hair cut, as apparent by the many, many photos in this post lol.  I had it cut on the Thursday before Christine arrived, so now it's officially a short haircut, I've gotten the hang of it now, but the first few days after the cut I had the most frustrating time trying to get it to look like anything other than a pom-pom on my head lol.

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Date:March 3rd, 2008 07:13 pm (UTC)
Really cool-looks like you guys had lots of fun! BTW, thanks for explaining the whole "Christine-turned-into-a-white-honky" effect in the pics-was it bad exposure in the camera? Also, you look totally different with the shorter hair-very well done!-James
[User Picture]
Date:March 3rd, 2008 09:21 pm (UTC)
I'm not sure why Christine kept turning out so white lol, I mean if it was natural light (ie the photos on the Canal) then she looked fine, but everytime I used the flash inside she turned ghost on me.

It took me a bit to get used to this hair, the hairdresser cut it a bit shorter than I had anticipated. The photo I gave to her (the hairdresser) to use as reference is the same one I'm using as the userpic/icon/avatar to this reply. Except the woman in the picture actually has her hair gelled back, so if she straighted it I think it'd be...maybe cheek-to-chin length whereas when the hairdresser cut my hair she just went scissor-happy and chopped it super-short XD

Either way though, it's just hair and it'll grow. I think from now on I'm going to stick with a rule of never telling the hairdressers to cut shorter than cheek-length, and since they always wet the hair when they cut it, once it dries the hair'll go from cheek-length to a more...manageable length lol.
[User Picture]
Date:March 5th, 2008 12:59 am (UTC)
Wow, your hair looks sooo different but you look good with short hair! There was a few times when I had short hair and I looked 12 with it so I don't get short cuts anymore ^^;;

[User Picture]
Date:March 5th, 2008 02:59 am (UTC)
Thanks~ Hehe, yeah when I got the haircut I had on just a t-shirt and jeans and when I came home and took the first photos of my new cut I looked like I just came home from a baseball game with the boys or something. But once I paired the new cut with suits and more...grown-up looking wardrobe it looked better (in my opinion anyway lol, 16 year old boy looks aren't really my thing).

Actually in one of my photos I looked scarily like my mom which was kind of...not so good since I'm always the one giving my mom her haircut as she's too lazy to go to the salon. So it's just me and the scissors going chop-chop in one horizontal cut whenever I go home for vacations and such.
Date:March 5th, 2008 02:44 pm (UTC)
nice pictures

like your long hair better


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