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Fun with clothing coordination, aka too much free time.

Not too much going on since it's the reading week break, been trying to give my brain a rest from intellectual and academically-related thoughts and ponderings, so instead I'll just stick a few more photos here.  Played around with clothing coordinations again today, simply because I was bored out of my mind and I somehow dug up a pair of suspenders I had bought god-knows-how-long ago for a cosplay that I had planned (which never actually happened).  This is what I came up with (click for full-size):

Yeah ok, I cheated on the first one and posted a photoshopped version XDD  Here's 2 unaltered ones aside from a re-sizing (please do excuse the mess of a room...I simply have too much stuff and any attempt at "cleaning" or "organizing" results usually in carting all this stuff from one corner of the room to the other ^^;;):

Yes, that's my bunny's cage behind me in case anyone was wondering.

Can you see him??  The bunny I mean~  My arm blocked him...if I knew he wanted to be in the photo I would have posted differently :3  This is the original image I used for the photoshopped photo up at the top, quite a difference eh?  And I just realized my calender's still on December of last year x___X;;

I think the outfit wouldn't look bad with a tie either instead of the scarf-tied-in-a-bow, or just a small bow-tie.  And although it would hide the suspenders, a little black vest would look cute too I think.  I've become really attached to those suspenders actually, they really do work and saves me the trouble of constantly having to pull my pants up as I walk.  The only problem is 1) going to the bathroom I have to detach them and re-attach and 2) my boobies are too...full (lol) and makes the suspenders sit weirdly, in these photos I have on a really tight tank top underneath that's litterally smooshing my boobies down and even then you can still see the bumps -___-  I guess there's a reason (or two in this case) why they were originally a fashion adopted by the male gender instead of the female.

[EDIT]:  Apparently there was a complete, lunar eclipse tonight that just passed, viewable by all except those in Asia and Oceania (since they're in the middle of the day over on that side ^^;;), did anyone see it?  There's a facebook group for it with some amazing photos.  The next total lunar eclipse is scheduled for December 21st of 2010 I believe.  Oh, and apparently Saturn was to the left of the moon...I'm guessing just a bright little speck in the night sky unless you had a telescope?  Kind of coincidental since my roommate mentioned how full the moon was when we were out finishing up some shopping around 7pm.

Celestial events to remind us Earthlings we're but a mere dot in a universe beyond our wildest imaginations.  I remember when I was around 9 or 10, my mom bought a telescope and it was either 1996 or '97 when Haley's Comet came by I remember going out to see it.  It was really cool, I actually saw the tail on the comet instead of the usual speck you see without a telescope.  What goes on up there is really mind-boggling...I remember reading that the light we see today from some of the stars were actually radiated from that star back when dinosaurs still roamed the Earth and has just now reach our eyes...that's how far their distance is from us that even at the speed of light (literally) it has taken those light particles billions of years to reach us.  Isn't that incredible?  I mean...wow...usually we think light's just instantaneous...for it to take billions of years to reach us...that distance is completely incomprehensible to the human mind *O*
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