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January 30th, 2008

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09:17 pm - Jack Layton presentation
OMG!!!  I'm sooooooo~ excited.  I actually saw Jack Layton (current leader of the NDP) in person tonight!!  He was giving a presentation/lecture about Canada's role in Afghanistan at the Ottawa University campus and luckily I didn't have class or anything so I went.  The room was meant to seat probably about 150 people (it was a classroom) and I'd guess there were probably 200 people attending so a big group ended up either standing in the back or sitting on the floor along the sides.  The first thing Mr. Layton said when he came up to the podium was;

 "The fact that there are people sitting on the floor proves to me that our post-secondary education is SEVERELY UNDERFUNDED!!"  to which many in attendance had a good laugh (considering a good portion were students lol).

The MP (member of parliament) whom I am suppose to start volunteering for this coming Friday was also in attendance so I got a chance to talk to her as well.  I learned from someone tonight that she's actually quite a prominent person in politics and especially in her party, so when I went up to talk to her I was shaking with nervousness.  That's what I get after 3 years of PoliSci  I guess lol, I couldn't care less about Paris Hilton's newest sex tape or Britney Spears working on her 243rd boyfriend, but put Jack Layton 10 feet in front of me and there're stars in my eyes and the heart's going *thumpthumpthump* in admiration XD  But in all honesty, wow what a presentation, even though in the back of my mind there's all the cynicism and skepticism that yeah he's a politician and talk doesn't mean anything's actually going to change, but several times I wanted to jump to my feet and scream my support.

Whew, after tonight I'm more excited than ever to start this Friday's volunteer job, it is going to be the best experience, I can tell already *O*

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Date:February 1st, 2008 12:25 am (UTC)
haha, I was there too! I'm glad I got there kinda early cause the room filled up fast!

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