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Busy, busy February.

*Sigh*  So, the end of the first month of the year is already fast approaching, and along with it goes bye-bye to the easiest month of the semester.  Let's see now, February...what's the plan...
Feb. 6 - Stephen Lewis presentation
Feb. 14 - Chinese New Year, POL/DVM class presentation
Feb. 11-15 - Mid-term week!!  + Student Federation elections (me = scrutinizer)
Feb. 18-22 - Reading week (VACATION!!)
Feb. 23 - Chinese Students Association dinner/party for Chinese New Year

Trying to remember which class has how many mid-terms, which class has term papers, which class has presentations, and more importantly when all of these are to occur/due is such a pain ;______;

[EDIT]:  Holy...I'm going to be volunteering in parliament...I'm actually going to be IN THE PARLIAMENT BUILDING AS A VOLUNTEER!!! O_____o  I got matched with an MP (member of parliament) for a volunteer program and I thought her office where I'll be actually doing work probably is in some building nearby but she probably only goes into the actual parliament building to attend the House of Commons sessions...I didn't realize I will actually be IN THE PARLIAMENT BUILDING too O_____o  And apparently I have to go through security check when I go volunteer until they get me a security pass...omg I feel so special! XDD  I GET A SECURITY PASS INTO THE PARLIAMENT BUILDING!!
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