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Final marks, finally up!

Oh thank goodness, man took the university long enough to post out our final grades from last semester -___-

FLS 2512 (French; oral, comprehension and grammar): A-
HIS 2153 (United States history from 1945-present): B
POL 3111 (International Organizations): B
SCS 2150 (Methodology in Social Sciences): C+
SOC 3331 (Anthropological and Sociological Aspects of Development): C

I was worried about that Methodology class, but I thought I'd do better in the SOC class, hmmm...must've not done so well on the final.  Ah well, at least that crazy semester is over, I hope this semester's less insane.  This semester's at least starting out better than last semester, didn't have to dish out $500 just on text books, only $200 XD  Found myself a job for 3 days in February as a scrutinizer in the coming SFUO (Student Federation of the University of Ottawa) elections, I don't even know who the candidates are this time around, should look into that ^^;;  I don't know, student politics is a lot like government politics in that the lip-service all sound awesome, the actual implementation of projects/programs/policies lack much needed motivation and enthusiasm once elected into office.

Anyway, hope everyone else's 2008 is starting out well.  The days are just flying by, we're halfway finished January already, the stores already have their Valentine displays set out (the pink!  It buuuuuuurns x__X) and their spring fashion lines on the racks
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