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Fun days before school-work hits~

Hmm, just realized I need to do a massive picture post sometime soon...maybe...lol, procrastination setting in already and we've barely started the new year/semester.  I took a ton of photos of my room back home (aka my mom's place) and I totally forgot to post them until I got my camera out today and looked through the photos in the memory card, I think if I sold even half of the stuff in my room I can get enough money to buy a ticket to Japan no problem XD  Yeah there's THAT much stuff ^^;;

Well anyway, today I went to a local Korean restaurant with some friends, both to celebrate my b-day (which was technically on the 7th) and to celebrate the b-day of one of my other friends.  There seems to be a LOT of birthdays around this time of year, out of the people I know (in person) there's 4 birthdays including mine all within a week of each other O___o  My Japanese friend that I mentioned in the last post brought the 'Zuka books, omg I was squee'ing in the middle of the restaurant XDD  The waiters/waitresses were looking at me funny.  There's a photobook of the 1996 production of Elisabeth with Maki Ichiro, an autobiography of Maya Miki and 3 other books all with gorgeous photos *O*  Although the books were mostly on OG's (what does that stand for anyway?), mostly around the top stars of the 90's but there's photos of tops today as baby siennes <3~.  I wanted to post some photos but the flash kept reflecting on the cover of the books making it hard to see anything clearly except this giant bulb of light x__X  I'll take some photos tomorrow during the day when I don't need to use the flash.  I can't believe I own 'Zuka books :D~~!!!!!  I'm sooooooooo~ excited, holy crap, 'Zuka books!  Shinies!!  Oh, here's a photo of everyone in the restaurant (click to enlarge):

From left to right it's Cynthia (the other bday girl), me (those aren't antennas coming out of my head, it's the handle of a bag we set on the window sill <___<), prettyxkaykay and fukurou_takumi.

Ah good times, good times.  Oh for anyone wondering, we had Korean BBQ, the grill's in the middle of the table.
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