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The best time of the month...again *sigh* - Welcome...

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January 10th, 2008

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09:37 pm - The best time of the month...again *sigh*
Ok, I can handle the emotional ups and downs that come with this time of the month, I punch a few pillows and listen to a few sappy songs and we're good, but dammit why does it have to feel so uncomfortable?!  My tummy feels bloated, my back/waist aches, and I just had the biggest cramp...wonder if that's what labour feels like...usually I don't cramp (thankfully), but that one was quite the b*tch.  I had to hang onto my bookshelf to keep from falling over in surprise at the sudden jabbing pain in the tummy.  If I had a genie with 3 wishes I'd wish to never experience the week of hell ever again (and we girls go through the week of hell 12 times a year, who says we're the weaker sex?!). 

I find more and more weird symptoms cropping up as I get older.  Before university I never felt anything to signal it was "that time of the month", no bloating, no pain, no emotional distress, nothing.  Entering uni I started feeling bloated whenever it was time.  Last year I noticed my emotions taking a few hits along with the bloated-ness a few times.  Now it's like, major bloating and emotional typhoon along with aches and pains and other random things like rumbling tummy even when I'm full, constantly feeling like I need to go to the washroom, etc. for the entire week (and yes, mine always lasts the full week).  This sucks, I wonder if in a few years I'm going to be rolling on the floor screeching in pain for the entire week x__X

*Ahem*  This post was suppose to be about the first week of school, kind of got off-track.  Well I'll save that for the weekend then I guess.  Meeting up with some friends this weekend to celebrate my bday, one them just got back from Japan (he's Japanese and he went back to Japan to spend the holidays with his family) and he told me he got me some 'Zuka books as a bday present, omg I can't wait!! *O*  SHINIES!!  And yesasia sent me an email the other day telling me they had shipped out my order from them too, so in a week or so...HAHA!!!  MOAR SHINIES!!!

Current Mood: weirdup, down, and all around
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Date:January 11th, 2008 03:08 am (UTC)
Mine got so bad that I was missing school/work all the time - and I'm the sort of person that needed to be barred from campus for working too hard. Low-dose hormone pills work wonders, I swear. ^_^;

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