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New layout~


Finally done.  Been wanting to get a new layout up for awhile now and I finally got around to it @___@  This time featuring Osa and Sakurano in a Christmas-y colour-themed background~  LJ has so many new layout styles, but so few that gives me all the customization options that I want D: 

The only big complaint I have with this new layout is if I upload photos that are bigger than the text box (which is approximately 385 pixels max in width) it messes up the layout super-bad, as in eye-cringingly bad, therefore, I'm going to have to be careful to keep any photos I post smaller than the text box and just link it to a larger version if it's necessary. 

[EDIT]: Ok, played around with it some more after someone pointed out the layout looks quite odd when not in 1024x768 resolution (that's the resolution I have my screen set at so I normally just make all my layouts using that as the criteria ^^;;):

So, this time I made the layout using both 1024x768 and 1280x1024 resolution as the criteria (switching back and forth between the two resolutions is super-weird on the eyes @___@).  In 1024x768 you should see something like:

and in 1280x1024 resolution you should see something like;

I'm using Firefox, so I can't guarantee if you're in another browser whether it'll look exactly like that or not (not that you'd really care I'm sure lol).  Hmm...well that was fun, hehe, too bad I'm going to have to change layouts in less than a month after the holidays are over XDD  I think I'll probably just get rid of the red and green colours, lessen the swirls but stick with the same pic and the sakura blossom background when the time comes, just to save me some time and headache.

Now to get going making those Christmas-themed icons before the season's over XD
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