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Offerings of the deepest sympathies

Two deaths at the university, just days apart.  The first was a murder/suicide.  The father killed his wife and 2 daughters, one of whom was a student here (at Ottawa University) and the other used to be a student before shooting and killing himself.  Today I find out we lost another schoolmate, she got buried alive by snow.

I have an exam in an hour and a half, I don't particularly feel like taking it anymore (not that I was keenly set on taking it before).  Something feels off about this Christmas season, actually something hasn't been quite right for awhile now it feels like.  There's been this unsettling feeling in my tummy.  Maybe a few weeks at home doing nothing will let this weird air blow over.  *Sigh*  And life goes on for the rest of us.  For all of you reading this, do take care of yourselves, losing some sleep for exams or what-not's ok, but just...make sure you don't walk around half-asleep and get run over or something >___<

Love you all~

[EDIT]: I just realized I forgot to link to news reports with details of the 2 incidents as I had meant to.  The girl in the murder/suicide incident was Engineering student Manmeet Brar (link to CBC article).  The second was Social Sciences student Krystal Arvisais (link to Ottawa Citizen article). 
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