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November 30th, 2007

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12:14 pm - $pending, $pending, $pending...
I wasn't going to spam my f-list with this, but dear lord I'm so happy and yet I want to bash my head against the desk at the same time.  F-locking this post since I don't want my mom to read this (yes, she knows my lj url and she does come to check sometimes XD).  She'll have my head if she finds out about this, at least right now.  I'll unlock this entry once a few years months have passed XDD

So, what happened you ask?  Well see, in this shopping mall near where I live, the Rideau Centre, there's this store called Trivium that sells clothes and accessories stereotypically labeled as "gothic" (I think there's only one store in existence and their in-store stock is 150% better than what they show on their website).  Their stuff lean on the expensive side, predictable since it's not mainstream fashion and so the stuff aren't mass produced, but because of this I tend to wander in once in awhile, 'ooh' and 'aah' at some stuff then leave empty handed as my budget as a student really doesn't allow me to splurge on shirts that are over $100 and gowns that are in the $200-$300 range (plus where am I going to wear Elizabethan-Vicorian era gowns anyway?  To class?? XDD).
A few months ago though, I had what I can only explain as a moment of insanity and bought 3 shirts from that store totaling somewhere near $400 x___X  (gorgeous shirts though, large cravats/frills down the front, poofy sleeves, I love them to bits).  Ok, well, so I ate cookies and drank milk as my main diet for the next few weeks, not too big a deal I guess.

Today, I made the mistake of wandering into that store again.  This time I came out with a receipt totaling in the 4-digits area (and the decimal was AFTER the 4th digit), that's right, 4 digits.  What happened?  Well, 1 shirt, 2 jackets, and 1 gown/robe is what happened =____=  The biggest culprit is one of the jackets, speech-impairingly gorgeous, which might explain the $625 price (click on thumbnail for full-sized pics):

Full-shot (taken on my bed, ignore the mess in the background)

Close-up of the design in the chest area.

Another close-up.

The collar, notice the gorgeous embroidered patterns, I believe my eyes did one of these *O*  when I first saw this coat.

Close-up of the sleeve.
Actually, I had been eye-ing this jacket the last couple of times I had visited the store.  With Canadian winter being as cold as it gets (below -30 Celsius in the worst cases) I only have 1 coat that sufficiently fights off the chills and it's this white, feather-downed, knee-length thing that looks great when matched with "modern" day wear, but not so great paired with shirts like this, this, or this (which were the kind of shirts I had bought from Trivium that first time I had a mentally unstable moment).  I come out looking like a time-machine gone wrong XDD

I'm a bit troubled by my recent sporadic spendings, especially on clothing this semester it seems.  Part of it, I guess, is due to Takarazuka influence, hence my sudden fascination and boost of self-confidence to go out wearing clothing like this (having watched Elisabeth and Rose of Versailles as my first intro into 'Zuka world didn't help), partially due to the fact I've gone from 168lbs back in June to 137lbs when I weighed myself this morning.  Nothing makes me smile more than when I suddenly notice more stuff in the clothing stores fit me these days without my having to try and squeeze all of the air I can out of my lungs/stomach (well watching Takarazuka makes me smile more as does getting 'A+'s in school but you get the idea).  The problem is though I used to go on a major clothes-shopping-spree every...couple of years maybe?  But this semester alone I've done...3; first time in Trivium with the shirts, second time in the "mainstream" stores (Suzy Shier, le Chateau, etc.) buying blouses/dress shirts and vests, and this final time again in Trivium.  Each time I've spent a couple of hundred bucks with this last time being the ultimate in spendings.  I used to be one of those girls that poo-poo at the stereotype that girls look into their closets every morning and despite miles and miles of clothing they complain they have nothing to wear, but now I find myself actually doing that on some mornings (ok my closet doesn't go on for miles, but it's pretty damn packed).

I think I need to take a step back and just breathe a bit, stay away from the malls for the next little while (hard with X-mas coming up lol), and definitely stay away from clothes-shopping for the next...few years or so XD  Redeem the side of me that cringes at commercialism and over-comsumption...although I can squeeze in a tiny defense for my political conscience that stores like Trivium most likely doesn't operate using sweatshops in developing countries as seems to be the norm with the big retail chains.  Either way though, definitely going to try and force myself to just spend on necessities come the next semester/year.

So, how's everyone else's X-mas shopping going??  Anyone gone insane yet besides me?  And thanks for all the encouragement in regards to my last post about the essay crisis with my roommate and friend, I really appreciate it (sorry I didn't respond individually to everyone's comments, I was going to but before I knew it the number of comments had grown to double digits >___<).  Hang in there those of you with exams coming up, the semester's almost done!

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Date:November 30th, 2007 06:24 pm (UTC)
I think I would have had a heart attack if I spent that much in one day ^^" Not to be a downer, but wouldn't it have cost you less if you'd gotten a tailor to re-make that jacket from scratch? It is really gorgeous ♥, but I wouldn't be able to justify spending over the cost of a uni course to buy a jacket.

Not that you need to do more shopping XD but I remembered you liked lolita stuff so you might like Baby's Pirate line:) http://www.babyssb.co.jp/shopping/pirates/index.html

Specifically this: http://www.babyssb.co.jp/shopping/pirates/103P327.html
[User Picture]
Date:November 30th, 2007 11:38 pm (UTC)
Ooh yeah, didn't think of it that way...although now that I compare it with what I spend for school it actually makes me feel better since I think I get more enjoyment out of this coat than any courses XDD (Well...maybe not all of my courses, I've had a few really awesome profs).

I didn't even think to see if I can get it tailor-made O____o You can do that??? Like...you mean commission someone from a comm or like...there's actually stores that tailor-make clothing for affordable prices? (Affordable meaning for us commoners that don't have the Hollywood superstar or Bill Gates bank accounts ^^;;). I would think the material alone would cost a few hundred to make it from scratch...

Ooh that pirates line looks gorgeous *O* And that jacket...holy...you've got good taste :DD~~!! Good thing they don't do over-seas shipping and I'm too lazy to deal with going through a third party (not to mention too broke now XD)...I'm so freaking thankful most of those Lolita places don't ship overseas, otherwise I'd have been out a few thousand (yes a FEW, not just one) long before now x____X
[User Picture]
Date:December 1st, 2007 04:01 pm (UTC)
LOL XDD So true! I do get more enjoyment out of most things in comparison to courses I've taken. Sad to say, I've only had a few great profs as well ;_;

I'm pretty sure you can. There are many tailors/seamstresses in town... you'd probably have to do a bit of research or ask around to get some good recs. You probably wouldn't be able to get the *exact* same fabric, but could probably get something very similar, and the design and cut could be made the same as well. I know that some people who live in Asia or go there on vacations, the tailoring services there are so cheap compared to here, they can get an exact replica of a 300+ lolita dress for half the price or even less.

Thank you ^^ I love Btssb. It's my fav lolita brand but I'll probably never own any lolita clothes because I don't think I'll ever get enough wear out of them to justify the price. For better or for worse, I am really price conscious like that no matter how much I like something ^^;;

Personally from that line, I really love this jacket: http://www.babyssb.co.jp/shopping/pirates/103P323.html and these shoes! I LOVE THESE SHOES. Why must they be 400$ T_T http://www.babyssb.co.jp/shopping/pirates/101P919.html

Oh, and I think Baby has started to accept overseas orders. But I would image shipping to cost a lot since it's from Japan and then when it gets here they'll slap on some customs fees so it'll be mighty expensive...

However, I do commend you for being able to just eat cookies and milk... I'd never be able to do that, seriously!

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