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Stupid WinRAR =___=

Grrr...Venting ahead!

Someone's been sending me some videos split using WinRAR but everytime I go to extract the files it keeps telling me some of the files are corrupt ;____;  I also just downloaded an mp3 album compressed with WinRAR and when I went to extract the songs it told me all the files were corrupt O____o  I thought maybe it was my WinRAR program that was being stupid so I downloaded 2 versions, the newest one and a previous one and tried both, nope didn't work.  Ok so I thought maybe it's because I was using the evaluation version, off I go and downloaded a fully registered version, nope still doesn't work.  I don't know about the video files but from the comments left by others who had downloaded the mp3 file it doesn't seem like anyone else is having problems extracting the files >_____<  The only thing that's keeping me from believing entirely that it's my WinRAR program that's the problem is that it doesn't seem to have any problems extracting picture files (ie. when I extract a manga scanlations).

Grrr!!!  My 'Zuka videos ;_____;

On top of that I have a research proposal due at 4pm today and I haven't started (instead I'm attempting to extract 'Zuka videos XD  Maybe it's WinRAR's way of telling me to get my butt in gear and straighten out my priorities because heaven knows if I manage to extract those 'Zuka videos writing a research proposal will be the last thing on my mind ^^;; ).  *Sigh* guess I better get going on that...but this is going to bug me all the time now until I have it figured out x___X  A 10 page research proposal with at least 10 sources on Canadian identity/unity vs. multiculturalism...yay -__-

[EDIT]:  You know, I'm just going to wait until one of my roommates wakes up and try extracting these files using her computer and if it works on her's then I'll know it's my program's fault, if it still doesn't I'll know it's the actual file that has something wrong with it.  This is driving me crazy.

[EDIT2]:  Just tried opening/extracting some mp3 archives I had downloaded before (as in months before) and there was no problems...well that makes me feel a little better...yes, yes I'm working on my research proposal I swear.
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