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Belated Remembrance Day.... - Welcome...

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November 12th, 2007

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09:18 am - Belated Remembrance Day....
I'm a day late!  I'm a day late!!  I can't believe I'm a day late >____<  I swear I didn't mean to be late, I saw the people with the poppies on their coats, and I knew it was Remembrance Day, but I just didn't have access to a computer and internet while out and about.

Lest we forget.
Je me souviens.

Although, like with every other year, taking a look at the state of world affairs today, it's apparent that we've already forgotten...or perhaps, for the generations born after the war, we just never even knew, and pinning that poppy on the coat while paying some lip-service to this day is just a farce.  Maybe every generation and every person does need to experience first-hand the pains of war before they can appreciate the privilege of peace.

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Date:November 15th, 2007 06:14 pm (UTC)
Very beautifully written. It really is sad that this day is just seen as another holiday. People have no real appreciation for what we have here in Canada; also important to note is the current situation in Afghanistan. Though I may not support the war over there, I whole-heartedly support our soldiers who are ready to sacrifice themselves for a principle of freedom. Though this may sound like a contradiction, think of the meaning of this quote a famous American philosopher once expounded: "You should support your country always, and support your government when it deserves it". Take care-James

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