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Photos time! Fun with the camera!!

Wow, lookit that, two updates in one week, impressive eh? XD  Actually, it's just a photo post, some random self-photos I took a few days ago.


Click on thumbnail for full-sized pics:

Just uh...pretend the boobies aren't there XDD

"Oh!  Oh!! WOE IS ME?!" *snicker*

"Hmm...I think my roof's leaking..." It's freaking hard coming up with poses...guess I'm just not one naturally made for the camera like some people ;__;

And the obligatory peace-signed, OOC photo.  Darn the blurriness, my camera needs to get updated >__<

Random close-up.  Check out that hot-pink lip-liner XD

I photoshopped this one (obviously lol), not just the background and stuff but I also PS'ed my boobies out of it.  If you want to see it with boobies go here.  I actually really like this photo, but my stupid camera for some reason made the quality look grainy D:
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